The election didn’t settle all of the challengers to our Republic

It was thought that the election campaign of 2016 would end with the votes cast on November 8 followed by the Electoral College vote on December 19 and finally with the certification of the electoral college vote by the House in January. But, unlike the past two elections when there was a Democrat elected and the opponent Republicans accepted the results, the wailing and gnashing of teeth has not ceased. In fact, it appears that, with the return of Congress to Washington and a new Congress opening it’s first session, the mean-mouthed lying and bashing of President Trump has reached a new level of disgrace on the part of some in leadership and the media mouthpieces.

The opposition forces in the Senate have, it appears, taken a vow to sidetrack most, if not all of the nominees for Cabinet positions. They must want Trump to appoint people who vehemently disagree with his plans and programs. What a far cry from when their man was doing the nominating!

In my recollection, whenever this was the situation, the opposition Republicans took the attitude that he was entitled to those he wanted to advise him. There was not this vehement, loud, and really dirty (vocal and vote) opposition to the elected programs.

A notable exception to the above is the reported position taken by outgoing Vice President Joe Biden, acting in his office as president of the Senate, during the vote on certifying the electoral vote when he stated to the effect that “the election is over, accept it.” Actually, that is the most statesmanlike remark coming from him in my memory. Normally he is considered by me to always be counted on for a good laugh. Maybe in retirement he can make more on the comedy entertainment circuit.

Meanwhile, it appears that the biased bureaucracy in one of the intelligence agencies leaked a false report, with dossier, that the Russian Government had a multi-page spy report on Trump doing some sleazy sexual activities while he was there some years ago. The equally sleazy media it was leaked to proceeded to run with it and CNN then reported it as fact. Later it turned out to be a totally made up story with no basis in fact, even remotely.

Thus, the assumption is being made by those of his supporters that the Communist/Socialist gangs were in an all-out program to render him unable to govern, even before being sworn in on January 20.

In fact, there were numerous reports that a movement was made to have hired thugs brought in to protest and disrupt the ceremony. Also, it was reported that the head of security for the area was ordered to step down from that position that morning. This would have left the multiple units without leadership and coordination, to the destruction of the planned safety there.

A further report was that the Patriot Riders from Virginia were organized to provide protection, as has been done in most states for military funerals, parades and Honor Flight processions. These have been witnessed by me in the last few years and are not only a heartwarming pride but most effective. It thus appears to me that there is a well organized and financed movement to bring about anarchy to the nation so that martial law can be declared and PRESBO kept in power, absolutely.

We who believe in the rule of law and the Constitution as the law must be willing and able to stand up and prevent this from happening. That includes constant prayer to GOD to assist and protect us as we do whatever is necessary to keep in place the constitutional republic – “Of the People, For the People, and By the People” – we were handed in 1788 on June 21.

Also keep in mind the admonition of retired talk show host Neal Boortz to “not believe anything you hear, read or see until you can confirm it with two other sources you believe to be valid.”