The Emmys showed how rotten network TV has become

I watch less TV these days and there is a good reason.

It stinks.

No prime time network shows are worth watching. There are some good shows on certain cable channels and there are a handful of reality TV shows that are decent.

Most of my TV time is spent on football or an occasional movie and I watch some of Fox News.

For years, I watched the Academy Awards Show. It was classy, funny and spotlighted some really talented actors. Now, it is filled with dirty insinuations that pass for jokes and liberal political statements. I haven’t watched it for several years.

The same is true for the Emmys. The whole show is a joke. This year, I didn’t watch it but I understand the emcee and almost all the award winners didn’t skip a chance to voice their hatred for President Trump.

It apparently was three hours of hate speech.

Is that entertainment?

It seems that more and more of the viewing public share my opinion of the Emmy Awards had around 11 million viewers. That’s the same number as last year, which was a record low audience for that show.

Part of that is due to Emmy host Stephen Colbert, who blasts Trump on his late night school five times a week.

Who wants to listen to a bunch of rich egomaniacs tell us we cast the wrong vote for three hours?

The Oscars are trending down, too. Earlier this year, that show drew less than 33 million viewers – the lowest audience since 2008 when 32 million tuned in. Pundits speculate that Trump voters just didn’t want to watch hours and hours of bad jokes and hate speech about their duly elected president.

People are tired of this nonsense.

There have been times when I would flip over to CNN and MSMBC for a couple of minutes just to see what they are saying. It was a form of opposition research.

Honestly, now I can’t stand to watch either channel for 30 seconds. Even when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston and Hurricane Irma struck Florida, I went to the Weather Channel and Fox News for the latest updates.

CNN hates Trump and most of their prime time shows are devoted to try to stir up opposition to the president. And MSNBC is hosted by progressive pinheads who can no longer disguise their hate speech against conservatism.

I would think that even diehard liberals would grow weary of hearing the same Trump haters say the same things over and over every night.

And there are shows on Fox News that I don’t watch. There is a misconception that Fox News is conservative and that’s only partially true. Even Tucker Carlson, who has a nightly show that I watch, is not always conservative. (I like him much better than Bill O’Reilly, who was forced off his show).

I wish there was a news network that just reported the facts without interjecting political correctness and progressive dogma.

We have cable TV because you can’t get reception without it. We have the very basic package with way too many channels and yet, when you want to relax and sit and watch something, the choices are limited.

They show good movies but they show them over and over and over again. They are some informative channels that deal with real estate, remodeling, travel, fine dining and I do like to watch cable shows about the wild frontier in Alaska. I know most are contrived but they still seem more real than network television.

It’s hard to watch ESPN unless they are broadcasting a game. ESPN has become a hotbed of liberal political advocacy. Why can’t they just report on sports?

And it is getting to the point that it is hard to watch sports on TV. The beer commercials are bad enough but now you have to sort through ads for “sexual enhancement” products and violent video games. Toss in the casino ads and you don’t have to wonder why crime and perversion are on the upswing. Bad behavior is being pushed all over television.

Also, have you noticed that the local news channels seem to be rushing to replace aging anchors, weathermen and sports anchors with younger people? Apparently, if you don’t look like you are 30 or younger, you won’t have a prime time job for long.

And the interesting part of this youth movement is that it is probably driven by some “expert” report that shows that viewers don’t want to watch mature anchors. But, guess what? Most of the viewers are older themselves. Millenials don’t want the local news – they get their information from Facebook and other sites on their smartphones.

And it is amazing to me that Tulsa is such a conservative city yet the news reporters on TV and at the Tulsa World are so liberal (and so critical of people of faith).

Maybe I should just read a good book…