Editorial: The end of the Obama regime

Good riddance to Barack Hussein Obama.

After Donald Trump won the election, Obama has done every underhanded trick he could to undermine any reforms promised by Trump. In a last-ditch effort to preserve his own mistaken policies, Obama has played dirty trick after dirty trick to damage Trump and to get some measure of revenge on his political enemies.

The worst example was not vetoing a United Nations resolution condemning the Nation Israel. According to the Israelis, Obama engineered the vote and then didn’t have enough fortitude to vote for it or admit his backdoor dealings.

Even though the Obamas claim to be Christians, they prefer the Islamic religion. That includes a disdain and distrust of Israel and Jewish people. While liberals for eight years have been tagging anyone who disagrees with Obama as a “racist,” Obama has officially turned America away from Israel based on his religious bias.

Think that is too harsh? Remember that when he ran in 2008 he opposed homosexual marriage. Once safely re-elected in 2012, he pivoted and now he supports homosexual marriage and will go down in history as the most “homosexual friendly” president ever.

And toss in his slap at Russia. Obama wants us to think that the Russians stole the election from Hillary Clinton. He won’t admit that the Democrats had a terrible candidate with no vision.

Obama’s ego is so large that he was willing to risk a confrontation with Russia to make sure that Trump didn’t walk into the White House without a pending crisis.

Former President Jimmy Carter should thank Obama. Now Carter is only the second worst president in the last 100 years.