The evidence against global warming is overwhelming

Another book has been published this year that, like Mark Steyn’s recent book, A Disgrace to the Profession – The World’s Scientists In Their Own Words on Michael Mann, His Hockey Stick and Their Damage to Science, lays out not only the scientific evidence that global warming is not man-made, but the opinions of the scientists who have proven so.

Climate Change: The Facts, published by the Institute of Public Affairs in Australia, is a collection of papers by 21 researchers,  scientists, historians and journalists.  Much of the information is technical in nature, but the opinions of particular scientists and others condemn the lack of scientific method that has been used to force a desired conclusion that mankind is destroying the planet rather than taking an objective and rational look at what is actually happening.

I was convinced over ten years ago that global warming was a hoax.  First, I saw a graph that plotted the temperature of the sun over time and the temperature of the earth.  It was clear from the graph that when the sun was hotter, the earth was hotter, and vice-versa.  The second evidence was the Kyoto Treaty, which was a more than obvious attempt to steal the wealth of the United States and give it to undeveloped countries.  Fortunately, we never signed the treaty.

One scientist in the book, William Soon, lays much of the blame with the United Nations IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

He writes, “In my field, the physics of the sun, the IPCC asserts against all evidence that the sun has little influence on climate change.  This represents neither a consensus nor an authoritative review of the subject.”

He continues, “My own summary of the latest science and evidence on the sun’s influence on the climate comes to quite opposite conclusions.  Of the 38 co-authors and three review editors for the IPCC’s solar subchapter (chapter 8 by Myhre et al, 2013), only one is an expert on solar physics.  Perhaps not surprisingly, then, the subchapter is shot through with critical errors and serious representations.”

In conclusion, he stated that “the IPCC has been practicing ‘para-science’ in that, while it affects the appearance of practicing science, it has violated long-held scientific norms and practices of fully and accurately representing the current state of scientific knowledge, and of proposing and testing alternative hypotheses in order to extend knowledge.”

The final chapter of the book comes from journalist Andrew Bolt,  who made a number of interesting observations about the predictions of gloom and doom by climate alarmists: “See, after more than a decade of scares we are now getting years of the busted predictions… We are waking up to nearly two decades of wild predictions by experts…”

He rightfully points out that “truth is decided by evidence, not qualifications or a show of hands.  True, the average climate scientist is far better equipped than the average layman to understand where the truth lies, but facts sometimes speak so loudly that even the greatest scientist can be doubted.”

One of the predictions, including climate models, that has consistently been made is, of course, that the earth was going to get warmer.  The fact is that it has not warmed at all since 1998.

He then lists a number of dire predictions that were made (in particular to Australia where I presume Bolt resides):

It was predicted in 2005 that Australia’s drought was permanent and that its cities would run out of water.  In fact, the drought broke in 2009 and reservoirs are filled to overflowing.  (We experienced the same thing in Oklahoma recently.)

It was predicted that the Great Barrier Reef would be wiped out due to heating of the ocean and bleaching of the reef.  Bleaching events did occur, and the prediction was that the damage would be irreparable, yet the reefs have fully recovered.

It was predicted that islands would be covered with water, but they are actually staying the same size or growing.  It was predicted that the polar ice caps would disappear by now, but they are actually growing.  It was predicted that big hurricanes would be more frequent, but they have actually been less frequent.

The evidence is abundant that global warming (and cooling) is not man-made, but natural.  So why does our government continue to pretend otherwise, and state as fact the opposite in, for example, the President’s Climate Action Plan?  It is time for Americans to demand the truth from our government.