The Excitement Is Just Beginning

Rachir Sharma wrote an article for the Sunday New York Times entitled, “Why Trump can’t make it 1981 again.” Mr. Sharma almost makes the opposite case when he says if Donald J. Trump’s victory wasn’t surprising enough, the economic reaction has been even more stunning. The stock market, which was expected to fall through the floor, actually added 1,500 points. Consumer confidence also hit a 15-year high. Much of “the excitement is inspired by a growing consensus that Mr. Trump could be the most business-friendly president since Ronald Reagan.”

Mr. Sharma limits what Donald Trump can do because of our slow population growth and poor output or productivity per worker. What the average reader must understand is our economy and personal excitement is not set in stone. It moves. President Obama never really cared about one’s economic prospect. His aim was always to amass power. His economic policies were very weak. He was the only president since Herbert Hoover to have not had at least one year of 3 percent economic growth.

Mr. Sharma goes on to say, with the United States population growth rate falling last year to the slowest rate recorded since the 1930s, it is extremely unlikely that any president could juice the economy to grow at a steady 3.5 percent or more over the next decade.

Speaking of the 1930s, I am reminded of asking my father why he waited so long to get married. His answer was he could not afford to. That same answer might come from the young people today. Many graduate with worthless college degrees and thanks to the Obama economy cannot find a job. They also have staggering student debt.

The answer is not to flood the country with uneducated and low-skilled immigrant workers. It is to get all the Americans who have given up on looking for work back to work.

The economic plight of his fellow citizens never seemed to register with President Obama. Mr. Obama, as Peter Wehner wrote, never seemed to consider things from a different view than his own. He has shown withering disdain for his opponents, constantly impugning their motives even as he testified to the purity of his own.   Even leaders of his own party felt Mr. Obama’s derision, as if dealing with them was somehow beneath him.

As of this writing Donald Trump is not our president. Yet in eight weeks, he has done more to help his fellow Americans than President Obama did in eight years. Mr. Trump has gotten to work. He has been successful in getting Ford Motor Company and Carrier Air Conditioner to stop their plans to move manufacturing to Mexico. Jack Ma of Alibaba and Japanese Telecommunications Softbank group have promised to hire over a million new American workers. Lockheed Martin has also promised to lower the cost of its new F-35 fighter jet.

President Obama’s attempt to “steer America back on track” by apologizing for his county’s past wrongs as he saw them and emphasizing globalization as well as climate change has left the world a much more dangerous place.

Terrorism is not an exaggerated threat. President Clinton was responsible for a nuclear North Korea much in the same way President Obama has allowed Iran to move in that direction.

The hope and change Mr. Obama promised never materialized. It is now up to President Trump to bring about what Obama could never do since better conditions for American was never his goal. America has paid a steep price by electing a black president to satisfy a search for redemption. Now, we can move on.