Editorial: The government and marriage

In an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times, Ethan J. Leib a professor of Law at Fordham Law School, argues that government should discontinue licensing marriage.

He correctly points out that some in the homosexual movement really don’t won’t to be married because it is an “old-fashioned institution” that doesn’t afford them the sexual freedom they crave.

Bills to stop the state from issuing marriage licenses were introduced in Oklahoma (by Rep. Ted Ross) and Alabama. The rationale was that marriage is a religious institution and not something the government should be interested in.

Leib calls marriage “an institution that continues to affirm stale gender roles, that continues to keep the church too close to the state and that continues to encourage consumerism through costly wedding celebrations.”

That shows his disdain for this God-ordained institution and the hidden agenda of the homosexual movement. They really don’t want to be married – they just don’t want normal people to be married. Misery loves company.

Marriage between one man and one woman, as clearly defined in the Bible, is the cornerstone of the nuclear family. And the family is the building block of a civilization.

Destroy the concept of marriage and families disintegrate and a civilization falls apart. That means social chaos which leads to more crime, rioting and destruction.

Homosexuality did not cause the downfall of the Roman Empire but the rise of homosexuality paralleled its demise.

Ending holy matrimony will have the same effect in America.