The government should not fund Planned Parenthood or abortions

During the second week of July, a story broke in the electronic media about a video showing a meeting between an executive of Planned Parenthood and actors from The Center for Medical Progress, which recorded the meeting.

These videos record executives proudly listing the prices for various body parts of babies being aborted. Another Planned Parenthood executive, it was reported, also stated that she wanted the funds from the sales to buy a very expensive foreign sports car for herself.

This is appalling for several reasons. First, there is a federal law prohibiting the sale of body parts for profit. Donations of parts from deceased individuals are permitted, provided the deceased has, in writing, approved, or if the next of kin so approve. This would seem to prohibit the use of unborn babies without the specific approval of the mother, let alone the sale.

Next is the moral abomination of the actual abortion. It has been widely documented by the medical/science community that babies in the womb can, and do, feel pain and the pain of an abortion where the body is dismembered or the head crushed must be excruciating.

As a person who was adopted shortly after birth, this matter is most important to me. When told, as a candidate for State House in 1990, that it would be essential for me to abandon my pro-life stance if there would be success in seeking elective office, my answer was “if we had the current abortion laws in 1926, you would not be talking to me.”

The person had no rebuttal to that and quietly walked away.

It seems to me, if memory is somewhat correct, that when Planned Parenthood was first founded the stated goal was to provide contraception materials to women not wishing to become pregnant. In recent years, it has surfaced that the (now deceased) founder Margaret Sanger had the primary intent of the eradication of the black population. While the original publicized purpose seemed to me to be of good purpose, the underlying true purpose is not. If it had been widely known, the movement probably would have gone nowhere.

It has been known to me, for some years, that Planned Parenthood gets $500,000,000.00 in federal grants in addition to the donations it receives from over 40 major business corporations. It seems to me that such appropriations of tax funds to privately operated organizations is grossly in opposition to the intent of the Constitution and good budget programs would put an end to every one of them.

It has been widely reported that “PP” is the single largest provider of abortion services in the nation. This despite numerous laws enacted in various states in efforts to reduce or prevent the practice. There has been information available to me that the use of mandatory sonograms prior to the procedure has caused numerous women to have a change of mind and decide to keep, or put up for adoption, the baby involved.

Given the number of couples who seem to be unable to conceive having to go to foreign countries to find adoptable babies, this would be good. Yes, those children from other lands do benefit greatly from being taken out of their birth surroundings.

Our senior senator found such a baby abandoned in a nation in Africa and she was adopted by his daughter and doing fine here – totally Americanized. My niece has also adopted a child from Africa, now five, who is totally acclimated to our way of life, and I believe will be a fine citizen when fully grown.

In short, all subsidies for the Planned Parenthood’ must be terminated, at all levels. This is not a proper use of tax funds for the protection of the citizens.