Editorial: The Islamic terrorist attack on Paris is a wakeup call for Tulsa

The attack on the innocent citizens of Paris on November 13 is a clear indication that the Islamic movement will seek to achieve its goal no matter what the circumstances.

That goal is to rule the world.

Their cause is so desperate that they employ operatives who are willing to sacrifice their own lives to terrorize the civilized world, particularly the West.

America is a big target.

While the United States faces an inevitable attack, our commander in chief refuses to acknowledge them as Islamic terrorists and continues to undermine the funding and readiness of our military.

Thank God France responded by a barrage of bombing of Islamic terror centers in Syria. The French president called the Paris attacks “an act of war” and he was right. This might wake up the people of France and all of Europe to the Islamic threat.

And on the home front, the liberal media (including the Tulsa World and local TV stations) continue to run puff pieces on local Islamic groups to convince Tulsans and Oklahomans that they pose no threat. These “news reports” promote acceptance of Islam as a “peaceful religion.”

Tell that to the people of Paris.

Hundreds went to a “Should we fear Islam?” seminar last weekend in Tulsa and the overwhelming message from Muslims, liberal rabbis and Christians plus the progressive media was: “No, there is nothing to fear from Islam.”

The “emperor has no clothes.”

This is a wakeup call for Europe, America, Oklahoma and Tulsa. We need to answer the call.