Letter to the editor: The Islamization of America is an ever-growing threat

Shenendehowa High School in upstate New York; a school campus in Brooklyn, New York; Chatham Middle School in Chatham, New Jersey; Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas; public schools in Minnesota and Michigan – these and other schools nationwide are granting concessions to Islamic teaching, thereby making this nation fall prey to this ideology. Our universities and college campuses have long been compromised, having been bought off with millions of jihad funds for Muslim faculty, students and curricula.

Now grade schools and junior and senior highs are in the sites of the enemy. Common Core curriculum includes content that proselytizes students with Islamic doctrine and practices. The real history of Islam and its founder, its cultural values, wars, terrorism, land appropriations, annihilations and enslavements is scrubbed from school textbooks. Courses such as “Islam and the Modern World” are high school electives. It is no coincidence our children are primary targets for Islamic civilization jihad.

Advocates of turning the United States into an Islamic conclave are advancing winning school administration and boards of education, who cave to the Council of American and Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Muslim Brotherhood demands for concessions which reflect their ideology.

Frank Gaffney, Pamela Geller, Bridgette and Chris Gaubatz are all advocates for helping us citizens become aware of the encroachments and be motivated to get involved at the grassroots level with activism that pushes back on the insidious entry of the Islamist’ agenda.

There are two articles in the June issue of afa.Journal: “Islam Growing Much Faster Than Christianity” and Seventh Graders Taught How to Convert to Islam.” The seventh graders were exposed to a video, 5 Pillars, as a curriculum offering to teach Islam ideology at Chatham Middle School. Parents complained to the board of education on February 6 that if the lesson is not omitted from classroom instruction, then they should give equal time to studying Judaism, Christianity and other religions.

The superintendent, Mr. Michael LaSusa, said this request would not be acceptable.

Another superintendent, Mr. Donald Flynt from Shenendehowa High School, also disregarded parents’ complaints of favoritism being shown to the Muslim students.

Both administrators caved into Islamic pressures and financial resources, thereby continuing the process of Islamization of our educational system.

Our traditional Judeo-Christian ideals are under assault as Islam is at war with the freedoms we take for granted. See the World Net Daily article by Leo Hohmann entitled, “U.S. Schools Bowing to Islam during Ramadan.”

In 1993, CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper, in an interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune, stated his desired to replace the United States form of government with an Islamic state. He said, “I am going to do it through education.” CAIR co-founder Omar Ahmad told Muslims in Northern California in 1998 that they were in America not to assimilate but the help asset Islam’s rule over the whole country. Reports show that the Muslims are buying vacant houses of Christian worship to turn them into mosques at the rate of one per week.

Pamela Geller’s book, Stop the Islamization of America, tells the reader the ways to oppose this encroachment. By all means, as concerned parents, keep tabs on your children’s educational experiences and keep alert to the local board of education’s efforts to “improve” the curriculum.