The Jerk

During the Republican primary, 16 potential candidates promised in writing to support the eventual winner. At the time, the potential winner was most likely to be from the establishment, those senators and former governors who had managed past governmental affairs.

The problem with this thinking was that a growing number of Americans believed the country to be on the wrong course. The Tea Party had given control of the House to Republicans expecting change. All they got were excuses on how they needed the Senate, too.

Voters gave them the Senate and watched President Obama do whatever he wished. They couldn’t stop open borders, the Iran nuclear agreement or reign in the IRS, EPA and countless executive orders.

Recently it was announced that your president didn’t just give $1.7 billion to Iran, but over $33 billion, which will be used to quicken the country’s terror and nuclear ambitions. At the same time no American or their family has seen a dime owed them by Iranian terrorism. The courts have agreed, but Obama will not pay least he offends his Shiite brothers.

This is where we stand today. Americans have an opportunity of turning back the Obama legacy, but they can’t do it alone.

Unfortunately, many of those Republican candidates who promised to support the eventual winner will not honor their pledge, agreement or promise.

Senator Ted Cruz is one. He is totally disliked by his senate colleagues. The jerk in the contest is Governor John R. Kasich of Ohio.

Governor Kasich couldn’t even join fellow Republicans at their convention in Cleveland. Cleveland turned out the red carpet to fellow Republicans.

One may recall the saying, “The best way to see Cleveland is through the rear vision mirror.”

That is not the case today. It is again one of America’s great cities. The governor should have gone but didn’t. Where he did go is to Washington to help pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a stupid agreement that will cost the United States millions of jobs. NAFTA has already helped Mexico, which sends their poorest and least skilled to the United States. They also send the criminals.

For the U.S. Chamber and its members that own overseas companies, TPP is great. It will employ workers at low wages in countries that have minimal employment protection such as workman’s comp, OSHA and legal protections.

Governor Kasich even wrote an op-ed column for the Wall Street Journal saying about TPP, “It’s about whether America still has the will to tackle change head on and emerge stronger, on the leading edge of innovation offering a better quality of life for Americans.” Really?

When Americans lose their jobs to overseas competition, the excuse is these people come from communities and industries that fail to adjust. Like Mrs. Clinton saying she will close coal mining and those dependent on it. Like the President killing the Keystone Pipeline and over regulating sectors such as banking, oil and gas and even bathroom usage.

They ­ran an article about Governor Kasich’s home state saying Eastern Ohio’s coal and aluminum jobs (with good pay and benefits) are disappearing.

The Chinese, who Governor Kasich admires, has dumped huge amounts of aluminum into the world economy. In 15 years they have gone from producing 11 percent of aluminum to 55 percent. As a result, the market has collapsed. The United States has idled or closed nine of its 14 smelters. Is this good for national security?

People like John Kasich are a menace. Americans have every right to look out for themselves and Donald Trump gives them their only hope.