The late Phyllis Schlafly was a big proponent of the Constitution

According to my copy of the U.S. Constitution, as published by Hillsdale College, the Convention of the new “united States of America” agreed by “Unanimous Consent of the States present the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven to take effect ‘upon Ratification of the Conventions of nine States.’” Thus, it is on September 17 that we should, in my opinion, celebrate the completion of this unique in history document that provides for a government where the rights of all citizens should be protected.

It is my opinion that if more of our citizens would take the time to read this wonderful document we would not find ourselves in the precarious position that now is fact.

Having done so a number of times, it seems to me that even those not benefiting from “higher” education could not only read but understand what is written and meant. The language, even though in the grammar of the time, is clear without the “legalese” that now renders documents beyond understanding, even to most of those in the law business.

For further clarity, one should refer to what is known as the “Federalist Papers” – which are a series of letters and columns written by those involved as explanations. It is my understanding that these have been assembled into single volumes along the line since. Not in possession of one, it has not been my experience to have perused all of them.

In the federal government today, we have large numbers of elected and employed people who either do not understand or have not read this document, or if so have elected to totally ignore the written restrictions on the powers thus delegated to the government. Unfortunately, it seems that large numbers of the judiciary, who should be familiar with its contents, choose to totally ignore it, and in some cases have stated that “decisions are made based on ‘international law or Sharia law.’” In my opinion, those making such statements should be impeached and removed from the bench.

Wake up Congress members and do your sworn duty!

Unfortunately, we recently on September 5, lost one of the most staunch proponents of following the Constitution when Phyllis Schlafly, founder and head of the Eagle Forum, was “given up” by her body and, I am sure, went “home.” That is a great loss to those of us who are dedicated to the Constitution being the “Law of the Land” – to be obeyed and not ignored or

frivolously amended.

We had several years previously gone though the loss of her personally selected head of the chapter in Oklahoma, Joan Inhofe Johnson, who was equally dedicated and determined to follow the same route. If the name Inhofe is familiar, yes Joan was the younger of the two older sisters of our own Senior Senator James Mountain Inhofe.

My first personal contact with Mrs. Schlafly was in Oklahoma City in 2005 when she was speaking to a chapter of the Oklahoma Republican Assembly. A lady friend informed me in advance of her appearance and had no trouble inducing me to agree to drive the three ladies, including my wife, down. I had an opportunity to have a few moments in person with Phyllis and sympathized with her on the loss of Joan.

In August 2007 at the Presidential Endorsing Convention of the NFRA in St. Louis, she had a hospitality room and also hosted a reception prior to a dinner where she was speaker.

On her arrival, she began to work the crowd, and to my complete surprise, she, on seeing me, broke away and came over to express pleasure that I was there, calling me by name. Needless to say, that completed my impression of that great lady. She will be sorely missed and truly difficult to replace.