Editorial: The legacy of David Brumbaugh

“Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies…” – John 11:24

State Representative David Brumbaugh, who died on April 15, didn’t need to take on the responsibility of serving state government. He owned a successful small business, had a wonderful family who loved him and he was active in his church and with Christian education (on the board of Mingo Valley Christian School).

But he saw a need for conservatism, civility and Christian wisdom in the Oklahoma House and he ran for public office.

Brumbaugh had served House District 76 since 2010, winning the seat after former state Rep. John Wright was term limited.  Brumbaugh was one of the greatest defenders of the right to life for unborn children in our state’s legislative history.

He was a champion for the modernization of state government using the application of tried and true business technique. Brumbaugh battled high taxes, government borrowing and the unchecked growth of bureaucracy and regulation.

He wanted the government to spend its money wisely on roads and bridges. Brumbaugh was appointed in 2012 to serve on the Energy Council, a nonprofit, legislative organization dedicated to promoting sound energy policy. In 2014, he was elected to serve on the Executive Committee.

Also in 2014, Brumbaugh was elected by the Republican Caucus to serve as Majority Caucus Chair, a position he was re-elected to in 2016.

David Brumbaugh was a great friend to the Tulsa Beacon and its mission to battle the liberal bias of the mainstream media.

Brumbaugh will be missed. He leaves behind his wife Shelley and daughters Abigail and Hannah.

Broken Arrow, Tulsa and Oklahoma are better off because of the Christian legacy of David Brumbaugh.