The list of things to be thankful for just continues to grow

In the middle of a tumultuous world, I have much to be thankful for.

Foremost is the hope of eternal life through salvation in Jesus Christ. I am thankful that is not just “pie in the sky in the bye and bye” but it is a living relationship now.

I am thankful for my family. My wife Susan is a wonderful, caring person. She takes care of my, my children, her parents and our dog in ways that are totally unselfish. She is a joy to be with and I am thankful that I get to work with her everyday at the Tulsa Beacon.

I am thankful for my in-laws, George and Martha Campbell (Susan’s parents). For more than 34 years, they have set an example of how to live a Christian life and how to unselfishly help others. I am not kidding. They are the most unselfish people I know.

I am thankful for my son Brian and his wife Shelby. These are two young Christians who are devoted to each other and to God. They live their faith out every day.

Brian is our webmaster and chief sports photographer. He is a talented young man.

I am thankful for my son Josiah. Josiah is highly disciplined – he completed his college degree from College of the Ozarks in four years (with no student debt). He works for a company here in Tulsa and he is constantly getting bonuses for good work.

I am thankful for my daughter Sarah. She loves the Lord. She is working hard on her college degree and she works hard at her part-time job. Until Sarah came along, the Biggs Family had 13 boys in a row over a span of 71 years. Sarah is a blessing.

I am thankful for our readers. When elections roll around, we get numerous calls and subscription renewals. Almost every week, we get renewal letters with notes like “God bless you,” “Keep up the good work” and “I love the Tulsa Beacon.”

How many businesses get those kinds of responses?

In today’s world, there are many ways to get information. I am thankful so many of you do so with our newspaper.

And I am really thankful that so many readers chose to buy subscriptions after we were kicked out of QuikTrip. We have not suffered financially from that puzzling situation thanks to our loyal readers.

I am thankful for our advertisers. Selling advertising is tough. All the “experts” say that print advertising “doesn’t work.” That’s not true but the industry is changing.

We have loyal advertisers who have been with us for ages. They get low-cost advertising and results but most of them spend money with us because they support our mission – to combat the liberal media.

I am thankful for those “boring” legal notices we run every week. They are important for many reasons but they are a great source of revenue for us. I am particularly thankful for Tulsa County Treasurer Dennis Semler and all the business he gives us. That goes for Tulsa County Assessor Ken Yazel, too.

Without those two, I am not sure we would still be in business.

I am thankful for Jeff Brucculeri, our sportswriter. Jeff came to us when we first started and he has been a godsend (and a good friend).

I am thankful for my brothers Bill and Jon, who are part of our football picks. They are good sports and good brothers. Let me add my nephew Brandon, who is also a picker.

I am thankful for Dan Keating, who writes a weekly column for us. Dan is the twin brother of former Gov. Frank Keating, the best governor in our history. Dan writes the truth and is willing to step on toes.

I am thankful for Robert McDowell, another weekly columnist. Bob is 90 years old but he doesn’t show it. I hope that I have his energy and stamina when I reach that age.

I am thankful for Dr. Walker Moore. He loves Jesus and has a terrific writing style. Walker is a great addition to our newspaper.

I am thankful for Jim Stovall, another wonderful Christian man who has overcome a handicap to touch millions with his writing.

I am thankful for Randy Bright. Randy came on board as a columnist early in 2001 and he is quite a contributor. A solid Christian architect, he is writing on topics that gain traction all over the nation.

I am thankful for Marty Weese, who is Susan’s helper with the weekly mailing.

I am thankful for Cathy and Bill Bickerstaff and all they have done for us for almost 16 years.

I am thankful for the crew at the Muskogee Phoenix that prints our paper every week. And I am thankful for the folks at the U.S. Postal Center and their help each week with mailing out the Tulsa Beacon.

There are many other things that I am thankful for and many people that I truly appreciate. It is very humbling to think that so many people contribute to the Tulsa Beacon and I get a disproportionate amount of credit.

But I am grateful for another year of having the privilege of delivering the news to so many nice people.