The Movement

And the Trump juggernaut keeps rolling along.

On March 8, Donald Trump won three of four states giving him 71 more delegates. Ted Cruz earned 56 delegates, John Kasich 17 and “little Marco” – the new establishment candidate – gained none.

Since last summer, Donald Trump has dominated the Republican race, winning more states and ranking nationally in all polls in the 40 to 45 percent range – nearly twice as high as any close competitor.

Trump’s success has clearly upset the status quo made famous by Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Both men have used their political position to accommodate much of President Obama’s agenda.

They have refused to invoke the “nuclear option” and pass legislation to close the border and turn back the president’s executive orders, to revoke the Affordable Care Act, to relieve community banks of the burden of complying with Dodd Frank legislation, to defund Planned Parenthood, to rebuild the military and stop the social meddling in the military and education.

Mitch McConnell has even said the Senate will not oppose the president in 2016 for fear of upsetting the voters.

As the primary numbers clearly show, the voters are upset. They are equally upset with President Obama and congressional leaders who support an agenda that keeps both party elites happy.

In trade negotiations, it would appear the aim is to employ foreign workers across the globe to the detriment of our own citizens.

Most economists will tell you that middle class is responsible for 60 percent of America’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Since 2008, the middle class has been buried with loss of jobs, income and opportunity. Education costs too much and what jobs are available are not sufficient to repay student debt, purchase a home and start a family.

America’s political leaders of both parties have ignored its citizens for too long. They have created the mess. They have created the Trump movement.

Fortunately, the more the establishment, the elite, and the protected push back, the more voters from both parties join the Trump movement. Mitt Romney, at the height of his disloyalty speech, actually helped the Trump campaign. The people listened and did not like what they heard.

In early March, before the big Trump win, Stephen Stromberg wrote an article for the Washington Post entitled, “The GOP is not lost – Yet.” His anger is so typical of those who see the Bush, Clinton and Obama era slipping away in favor of the people.

The Washington Post has never favored Republican or conservative values yet Mr. Stromberg observes, “The Republican Party is on the brink in failing in practically every way.” He calls Trump an offensive bully running a witless campaign who poses a direct threat to the American political system.

He says Super Tuesday – with Trump’s seven-state win – was “an utter disaster for the GOP.”

About Ted Cruz he says, “A lot of people simply do not like Cruz, because he is divisive and insufferably holier-than-thou.”

Stromberg finishes with, “Trump so far has proven that vast numbers of people can be tricked by sheer showmanship.”

No, Mr. Stromberg, the American people are only realizing that they have been tricked for the last 28 years. The middle class has been lied to, killed and wounded in wrong wars and left with bleak outlooks during retirement. No more. They will take America back and make her great again.