The murders in San Bernardino just prove the danger we are in

Earlier this month there was yet another Islamoterrorist attack where, at last report, 14 innocent people at a Christmas (or “holiday”) work party were killed and 23 or more wounded by a couple dedicated to ISIS and jihad murders. Even more than a week later, it is my opinion that all the facts have not surfaced to the general public.

I have been impressed by the professionalism demonstrated by the chief of police involved in his remarks to an (as usual) over-inquisitive press corps. Others, especially the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, were quickly called in and entered into the investigation. The chief repeatedly answered reporters’ questions, which in my opinion were overly aggressive, with a profession of “I don’t know” or “We don’t have that information yet” – rather than to speculate, as they obviously wanted.

Of course, PRESBO, as usual, simply had to go on the TV and radio and push for more control over gun ownership. It is my opinion that he is doing that deliberately rather than in ignorance or carelessness as most of the media types and other politicians seem to declare. After all one of his promises was to “fundamentally change” America. He just did not say in which ways he intended to change United States, and his choice seems to have been much for the worse, in my opinion.

We should remember that it has been since January 2009, when he was ‘sworn’ into the office of president of the United States of America, that numerous individuals who follow the faith of Islam have received appointments to high official positions in his administration. He has often apologized to the world for presumed and/or imaginary wrongdoing of the United States or its previous administrations’ personnel. He has bowed and kissed the hands of numerous Muslim followers in high positions in other nations. He, through his staff, has worked out, by giving in, a most onerous and dangerous to the well-being of the rest of the world, and in secrecy, a supposedly ‘fair’ agreement with the government of Iran. This despite the loud and repeated proclamations of their leaders that they will eradicate Israel and all the followers of the Jewish faith, and shout “Death to that great Satan – the United States of America.”

He has refused to use the term Islamic terrorism on even the most abominable acts of same by its followers with the admitted terrorist groups proudly proclaiming responsibility. He has reduced our defense units to levels below those existing immediately before December 7, 1941, with us receiving the attack on Pearl Harbor. He has further instituted rules of engagement for our military that have the effect of forcing our personnel to fight for our freedoms  with one (or both) hands tied behind their backs . It is even so bad that personnel have been brought up on criminal charges and put in prison for shooting enemy personnel in self defense without receiving prior permission from headquarters to protect themselves.

In the history of the world, it has always been the nation that is weak in defense that has been the victim of attack from want-to-be despots. More recent history is full of incidents where an aspiring dictator has pursued a course of disarming the population. The widely avowed goal of the Muslim rulers, that is the clergy of mullahs and imams, is to establish a worldwide Islamic government and institute Shariah law. This would reduce women to the level of property and slavery and, they claim, the conversion, enslavement, or killing of all infidels (nonbelievers).

And so it is essential that all Christian and Jewish peoples unite to defeat permanently this rising threat to world peace and security, and the existence of the USA with its freedoms, given by God and guaranteed in the Constitution, which PRESBO has ignored repeatedly.