The NFL and NBA are losing fans over their protests

Most of the bigwigs from the National Football League and the National Basketball Association are disrespecting the U.S. flag and our military because they don’t like President Donald Trump.

On September 24, more than 100 NFL players took a knee or stayed in the locker room during the ceremonial playing of the national anthem.

These millionaires are about “to kill the goose that laid the golden egg.”

This mess all started last season when San Francisco (where else?) 49er reserve quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during the playing of the national anthem. No one is sure why he did it except it had something to do with black people being mistreated by white policemen.

Kaepernick made another stupid mistake when he opted out of his multi-million dollar contract for free agency. Even the ultra-liberal NFL owners would not sign him because he was a backup that wanted starter money and because he was more trouble than a backup quarterback is worth.

But Kaepernick inspired other black multimillionaires in the NFL to protest – again with no specifics. We don’t know who they are protesting against or exactly why.

Then in late September, President Trump said what was on his mind at a political rally. That is what he does, by the way. He said the NFL owners should fire any player who refuses to stand for the national anthem and he called the players that do so an expletive (referring to their illegitimate births).

That really made them mad.

The Pittsburgh Steelers decided to stay off the field for the national anthem in their game on September 24. There was one problem.

Alejandro Villanueva, the starting left offensive tackle, broke ranks and stood on the field with his hand over his heart while they played the National Anthem.

You see, Villanueva is a former Army Ranger. He won a bronze star with three tours of active duty in Afghanistan.

Villanueva could not betray his country for an oblique protest that was rooted more in hatred of Donald Trump than a search for “social justice.” Someday, Villanueva won’t be a football player anymore. But he will always be a veteran and a loyal America citizen. Villanueva did this even though some of his teammates criticized him and he apparently angered Steeler coach Mike Tomlin. Unfortunately, later he issued an “apology” that seemed forced.

And here is the funny thing that the pinheaded NFL owners don’t get – most of the country sides with Trump on this one.

We had eight years of a black president who stirred up racial discord. Obama apologized to other countries for the “sins” of America and constantly complained of a lack of “social justice.”

Americans are fed up with his disloyalty and complaining and that is why we elected Trump.

And guess what? The day after Villanueva broke rank with the Steelers, his jersey outsold every other player in the league. That’s right. The NFL online store reported that Villanueva’s jersey beat out Tom Brady of the Patriots, Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz, Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott and Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Do you see a clear message here from the American public and NFL fans in particular?

ESPN, which is getting to be unwatchable among patriotic and conservative Americans, and the liberal newspapers are trying as hard as they can to make this into a bigger problem.

NBA superstar LeBron James couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He called Trump a “bum.” In his press conference, he didn’t talk much about how he campaigned for ultra-liberal Hillary Clinton in Ohio.

It didn’t help. Trump won Ohio and that was one of the keys to his victory.

When a reporter pointed that out to James, he said the reason Trump won in Ohio was because “the voters was uneducated.” It’s interesting that LeBron James, who never went to college but went straight to the NBA from high school, is saying anyone in Ohio who voted for Trump “was uneducated” and “made a mistake.”

Here’s the big mistake.

NFL fans and NBA fans are tired of liberals mixing sports and politics. Division is being fostered by radicals like Kaepernick who fail to recognize that they have access to a fabulous lifestyle in America that is unavailable in most countries of the world.

The majority of NFL and NBA players disagree with this nonsense. Some owners feel the same way but they cannot say so in public without repercussions from the left.

But common fans, those who love this country and love our military, are deeply offended. The will stop going to football and basketball games and stop watching the NFL and NBA on TV. Few people want to tune into a game and instead get a heavy-handed dose of political correctness. They will switch to college sports.

Villanueva is a Spanish-American with a significant following in Latin America. But he has an even bigger following with the majority of the American people who still respect military service and who stand when they play the National Anthem.