The party primary system for the Republicans could be improved

It seems that we are now well into the campaign for the 2016 general election, where a president, vice-president, one third of the U.S. Senate, and all of the 435 House members will be selected by ballot from nominees, also selected by ballot. In addition in Oklahoma, there will be one member of the Corporation Commission (called the utilities board in some states), one half of the State Senate and all 101 members of the State House up for a vote. Plus retention votes on three Supreme Court Justices and some from the Courts of Criminal and Civil Appeals, as well as some state questions.

Now that the first of the several TV “debates” has occurred, it strikes me that the party officialdom – at least the Republicans –  is determined to commit suicide of the party. I am certain that that group is not made up of a number of numskulls elected from around the nation. Not being a cable TV subscriber, it was not for me to watch the two “debates” live on August 6, as presented by the Fox News cable channel, but the next morning on the KFAQ (formerly KVOO) Pat Campbell talk show where a number of clips were played.

It certainly appeared to me that the moderators from were out to destroy some of the candidates by their accusative tone questioning, as well as with questions, in my opinion, that were irrelevant to the situation at hand. What little respect remained in my mind for them has come to an end and the word received by me that the owner of Fox is really a communist/socialist sympathizer came through. Also, Pat Campbell, in a later show on Monday, pointed out that the majority of broadcast time was occupied by the three moderators and some of the candidates were definitely short changed.

Perhaps it will happen some day that the party officials will wake up and select the moderators for future such programs rather than let the network news officials do so. Or perhaps it was the desire of certain of those insiders of the  establishment to destroy certain of the candidates in order to see that their preferred ones would come out victorious. In this case, it would seem that their attacks on “The Donald” served to increase his popularity in the polls as he is quite capable of fending them off and making the attacker shown to be the biased and crude person he or she really is.

My personal opinion is opposed to the present primary and runoff system of selecting party candidates. My feeble memory is quite clear about being told in the early 1930s that my paternal grandfather remarked at the instigation of primary voting that it “was the end of the republic.” Prior to that, candidates were selected by the party officials, who had been elected by those who were willing to take the time to become informed and participate in the caucuses and conventions. It is unfortunate that the selection of candidates can be accomplished by what is referred to by Pat Campbell as “uninformed voters” and even more so by the rather rampant existence of vote fraud the presence of which has been evidenced to me several times during tenures as precinct chairman, county executive committee member, district committeeman, and county chairman.

Even now, rumors have come to pass that the Oklahoma Democrat Party officialdom has decided to allow non-affiliated registered voters to vote in their primaries this election. To me, that is a slap at those registered in the party who take the time, effort and expense to become informed and attend the meetings at the various levels and participate. It also opens the door for cross votes by those who might change registration, since the deadline for candidate registration is six months before a primary and vote change is 30 days.

In short, it is unfair to blame a party for poor candidates/officeholders when they are selected by many not at all active in the party.