The Phony Case Against the President

If you would like to read how despised President Trump is by the Left, a must read is Jeffrey Toobin’s recent New Yorker article entitled, “The Russian Portfolio” – after Michael Flynn pleads guilty the President’s lawyers scramble.

To the average reader you wonder why the Left is investing so much time to reinvent Russian history as it pertains to the president and his advisors.  Most of the legal arguments are complete stretches of the law, but may resurface as legitimate if the Democrats take the Congress next year and  keep Republicans from naming a competing special counsel.

Mr. Toobin’s article begins by reciting the events surrounding the firing of James Comey, the FBI Director and as Toobin puts it about the “bizarre series” of conversations the director had with Trump.

In one conversation concerning General Flynn, who had served briefly as National Security Advisor, the president is supposed to say, according to Comey, “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go.”

Why the President wanted the FBI to ease up on Flynn became a matter of intense interest.  “We may now know the reason.”

On December 1 in federal court in Washington, 33-year Army veteran General Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI concerning conversations he had with a Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.  Speaking with various ambassadors is part of the duties of National Security Advisor, however in this case, the ongoing Mueller investigation has financially and mentally broken the Flynn family.  The general had to sell his house to cover legal bills.  What a wonderful country we live in where people are presumed innocent, but can be broken by the system.

Toobin goes on to say, “The leniency of the deal indicates that Flynn has information not only about the transition team members but also about his superiors,” which means the president.  This point has been refuted but they so hope.

You may recall that Robert Mueller was appointed on May 17, a week after James Comey was fired by Rod Rosenstein after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from matters dealing with the Russian investigation.  Sessions was a fool to have taken this position and to allow Mueller, Comey and Rosenstein to disrupt the Trump administration.

What these men hope is that Flynn’s guilty plea and “promise to cooperate” will finally move the investigation into the oval office.  General Flynn has not implicated the president much to the left’s disappointment.

According to Toobin, the Mueller investigation appears to consist of three areas – illegal lobbying by people affiliated with the Trump campaign, hacking of emails associated with Hillary Clinton and lastly obstruction of justice after the inauguration.

Here is where the legal theory becomes bizarre, yet there are many leftist judges who could make the connection.

A few weeks ago, it was collusion that the president did, but there is no law against collusion so now it is criminal conspiracy.  The problem today is: what did the conspirators do and what laws they may have violated?  Well, it must be something?

Now to the stretch.  Foreigners can’t contribute to political campaigns, but what if they give opposition research?  If you got it, but didn’t ask for it what then?

Did the Trump campaign encourage hacking?  The Democrats hope so, and dream that officials can be prosecuted for aiding and abetting the hacking even though they did not know about it when it was done.  Thought crimes to be sure.

These may look like long shots unless Congress goes Democrat next year.  What the Mueller campaign is about is not a search for the truth.  It is about getting the president any way they can and possibility protecting those that produced the Moscow Dossier and its use in allowing the Obama administration to obtain warrants illegally to spy on Trump campaign officials.  If that is the case the evidence produced against them should be thrown out.