The President’s critics will never stop with objectionable language

It is quite obvious, to me at least, that those of the C/S persuasion, with either a D or R on their voter registrations have no intention of sitting back and letting the newly installed president and his staff go about the business of governing. It seems like several times a day, someone of that persuasion breaks out with a statement blasting PRESDT or his new staff for some (usually made up) supposed wrongdoing.

Unfortunately, we also have a major media, the staffs of which are completely on board and seem unable to find the truth go right along, and give those railing full coverage and accepted as absolute fact. One wonders just where all the honest and investigative reporter types have gone. It is my opinion, those died off decades ago to be replaced by younger journalism school graduates who have either been brainwashed in said academic locations or were already imbedded in that arena before entry.

If in the former category, there can be some latitude understood, since the  educators have the upper hand and can easily intimidate their students. If you don’t go along, you might not be allowed to pass a course, or even continue in the school. My experience was in the School of Engineering studying Aeronautics. The primary professor in those courses believed in grading on the curve, where a certain percentage would automatically fail. In most of the classes under him, there were only two students, which meant that even if both tested above 90 percent, one would fail. Being younger by several years, that usually meant me.

The language most often used by those raising accusations against those they hate never ceases to offend me. My term for them is “mean mouthed” and it can be applied to some in the newly installed majority party as well as most in the opposition party. The latter seem to feel that it is their natural right to be in the majority and thus able to rule, as was stated eight years ago when the PRESBO administration was taking over. In the United States, the proper term is govern but it seems that it was their intent to rule as did the dictators of the last century and the ruling monarchs of those earlier.

In those cases the “law” was whatever the ruler said it was. Thus the expression, “the king can do no wrong,” came about because whatever the ruler said the law was, it was. We all need to remember that the Founders, inspired, in my opinion, by God, prepared a constitution to be the “rule of law” for the United States and, despite some ill-conceived amendments, it has served us well in the 240 years since – when fully followed. Unfortunately, there have been far too many nominated to federal judgeships, at all levels of courts, who in their self-important feelings seem to feel that their bias and belief is more proper than following the law as written.

Congressional leadership must bear some responsibility for their dereliction of duty in failing to bring impeachment charges against even the most flagrant of such cases. One fairly recent one was Ms. Justice Ginsberg of the Supreme Court, who was recorded as stating in a speech a few years ago that she uses international law in reaching decisions.

Finally, a personal note. This effort completes nine years since the publisher of the Banner Newspaper, in Adair, Oklahoma, asked if I would consider writing a weekly column. My reply was, “I will try anything once and if it doesn’t suit me, it will end.” My effort has been to be informative, factual when available, and sometimes amusing. Thank those who have rendered support by compliments and those who considered me worthy of publishing.

I hope to continue at least one more year and, God willing, maybe more. Internet difficulties and my fingers aging have made the effort more difficult, but hopefully the old computer will continue to work.

Thank you all, again.