The push for ‘renewal energy’ by the government is misguided

It has rather long been my professional opinion that the strong push by the extremists in the cause of misguided environmentalism have had another, and more sinister, motive behind their insatiable lust to change our way of life. That is, as has been mentioned before, a worldwide organization dedicated to the drastic reduction of the human race. Space does not permit a repeat of my personal experience with one or more individuals professing allegiance to that movement.

In several recent decades, the push to convert our energy to “renewable energy” has for several reasons caused numbers of elected officials and embedded government employees, who are protected from removal, to successfully push laws and rules to finance the bringing forth of such sources that are basically unprofitable by the use of grants, tax benefits and other nefarious and improper financial advantages.

This movement was given a massive green light (pun intended) by the PRESBO Administration for the last seven years, plus the previous two when the Congress was solidly in control of the Democrat Party leadership. President George H.W. Bush, 43, chose not to exercise his veto authority, possibly because of a most likely override vote. So, we have witnessed numerous examples of gross misuse and waste of massive amounts of tax and borrowed money in support of the so-called “alternative energy” sources.

Finally, it seems, we are seeing some attempts at reversing this massive boondoggle by members of Congress, in both houses, who may have gained some support by voters waking up and sending more common-sense delegates to represent their interests. Among recent examples brought to mind was a story earlier this month about the junior senator from Oklahoma, James Lankford. The story indicated that he has offered an amendment to the “energy bill” to end the massive tax credits to the wind energy operators and developers.

Also, Senator (and presidential candidate) Ted Cruz, R-Texas, had the courage to propose, even in Iowa, a phasing out of the subsidies to ethanol being added to gasoline. That got him a rebuke from the governor of Iowa, also supposedly Republican, who publicly told his citizens to nominate anyone but Cruz. It would appear that the citizens have more common sense than their governor, from the caucus vote results (Cruz won Iowa).

The subsidies of ethanol and requirement for blending into gasoline has been a massive detriment to all of us, for several reasons. The ethanol is very detrimental to older-than-2005 engines and is known to result in reduced fuel mileage. This is even worse in summer months because the boiling point of any alcohol is much lower than water and so the heat of the engine and roads will cause it to boil away, especially in town driving, where it is in the tank much longer.

Further, the use of corn to make it forces the price on food up when it is used for fuel. The waste is increased because of the fact that artificial profiting from these subsidies and tax credits makes the operators tend to be less efficient, and sometimes even crooked, in the operations. In the wind energy, it is my opinion that the massive windmills, called turbines, are most wasteful of space, not to mention bird kills, and tend to have a short operation life.

Then, when individuals start to install roof-mounted solar panels, the state legislatures are pressured by utilities to levy ownership taxes on the owners who spent much to install them. In at least one state, it was required that the utility buy back excess solar electricity at retail price rather than a more sensible wholesale price, making matters worse. On the other hand, the former depletion allowance allowed oil and gas producers was a different matter to be explained later.