The right to bear arms is fundamental

Webster’s Dictionary defines a “monopoly” as something having “exclusive control or possession of a particular good, service, or market.”  Sadly, this is what “gun-control” legislation creates – a “monopoly” for criminals and the corresponding increase in gun violence.

While “well-meaning” people on both sides of the aisle want to stop the shooting deaths on our streets, infringing on our Second Amendment rights has only caused the opposite.  When you take firearms from the good guy (the law-abiding citizen) and give them to the bad guys (criminals), you give exclusive control to them by creating illegal gun traffic.

Just look at what has happened in the two cities (Chicago and Washington D.C.) who have the “strictest” gun-control laws in the United States.  Chicago alone has had more than twice the number of shooting deaths in the last decade than the War in Afghanistan.  These cities haven’t allowed concealed-carry and the purchase of handguns for years.

Yet, the violence continues to escalate.

You would think the politicians and anti-gun groups would have seen the correlation between the two, especially Chicago’s most famous politician – President Barrack Obama.  He must know that gun control doesn’t work, right?  Chicago police have confiscated nearly 6,000 illegal guns in 2016 (one every hour).  There have been 2,739 shooting victims in Chicago so far this year and we aren’t even done with the year.

The fact is clear – when you infringe on constitutionally protected Second Amendment rights, you create a “monopoly” for criminal activity by putting firearms in the wrong hands.  It’s basic supply and demand – legal vs. illegal –  and the “gun-control” advocates don’t get it.  When you take away something, the criminal element will supply it and all the collateral damage it produces (just look at prohibition).

We are at a precipice in our history.  Our country may be in greater danger than we can imagine.  Law enforcement being shot in our streets, murder rates on the rise, and the Second Amendment rights of our citizens is in serious risk of being eliminated.  This election will decide how we will look in the next generation with our judiciary and lawmakers.

It’s time we wake up as a society.  The Second Amendment is an essential right and fundamental to our republic.

Ronald Reagan said, “The right to keep and bear arms must not be infringed on if liberty in America is to survive.”  Something to think about when you go to the ballot box this fall.