The rise of Islamofascism places Americans in greater danger

Seventy-four years ago this month, the United States of America was, again, thrown into an all-out war because of a sneak attack instigated by the Empire of Japan. Like the previous World War I, the United States was not a perpetrator to get into the action.

Also like World War I, our citizens came together in a universal effort to attain total victory, with the leadership of those in government at all levels.

True, there were those who were loyal to the enemy, just as today, but they were primarily staying out of the limelight and worked in the shadows to undermine our war effort. In World War II, they were referred to as “fifth column” – primarily suspected to be assisted and encouraged by open organizations such as the “German-American Bund” – which was believed that most, if not all, of the members were loyal to the Nazi led Socialist Republic of Germany.

Following World War II there came the so-called Cold War, which, in my mind, was equal to a “World War III,” since it involved all of Europe, China, the United States and several American continent small-nation dictatorships, such as Cuba and Venezuela. Except for standing up to the enemies by our powerful defense forces and our appearance to be ready to use them by several administrations, it very well could have escalated, by deliberate action or accidental idiocy, into a full fledged all-out bombing war. That would have involved the extensive rocket-borne nuclear bombs that would have laid waste to many cities and killed millions of civilians.

Having said that, it is clear to me that World War IV was begun by the Islamic terrorist movement with the first bombing of one of the World Trade Center buildings in the 1990s during the administration of William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, affectionately referred to as “Slick Willie” or “SW.” His administration refused to address that as and act of war but as homegrown.

Nonetheless, it was very much the opening salvo of the worldwide war now going on under the guise of Islamofascism. The attacks of 9/11, 2001, on the United States were the next major offensive against our homeland by totally dedicated, seeking-to-die terrorists.

We should remember that the Islamic clergy in the Middle East, and some reported even here in the United States, have openly proclaimed that they are in a “holy war” to turn the entire world into an Islamic state governed by Sharia law. Recently, reported surveys have indicated that in the Muslim community now residing in the United States, at least 35 percent want to have Sharia Law in control and disregard our founding fundamental law, the Constitution. There are now entire conclaves, almost whole towns, where the population is Muslim and Infidels are told to leave or else. Unfortunately for us, a misguided and/or misinformed electorate has twice elected as president a man who has kept secret his college educational records and admits to spending twenty years in a church with a preacher who hates the United States.

Obama also has publicly professed a love for the Muslim evening call to prayer and filled his White House staff with numerous followers of Islam – many, if not most, of whom were not reared in the United States.

He has pursued a course of diminishing the size and quality of our military and hamstrung those dedicated to defense with asinine “rules of engagement,” putting their lives in extreme danger.

Recently orders were issued to federal prison kitchens to cease serving of any pork products (bowing to the Muslim prisoners). A first-person report this month has come to my attention that in a VA hospital all evidences of Christian or Jewish faith in the chapel were covered up by sheeting, the chaplain ordered to never mention God or Jesus, and the stained glass windows were to also be covered or painted.

What more evidence do we need that the present administration is disloyal to the well being of the United States and citizens??