The vile accusations should end now that the election is complete

Thankfully, when this appears in print, we will have seen the end of the countless robo-telephone calls pushing for this or that candidate or (in Oklahoma) a state question.

Surprisingly, there have been none in favor of or opposition to the retention of one or more of the seven appointive judges also on the ballot. In my politically active years since 1968, there has not been any election where there has been so much vile accusation of a personal nature levied against a candidate – and at all levels.

What is worst is that, at least on the state races here, the most nasty ones have been in the form of extra-large postcards sent by “committees” with names designed to completely mask the true agenda of the sender.

One such case was against my own state senator – with pictures Photoshopped to pair him with PRESBO and Hillary. In addition, in one the Photo-shop pictured him with a cigar in his hand. To my personal knowledge, and he is considered to be a good friend, he has never smoked in his life. In addition, these carried “bullet points” purporting to be “facts” which I personally knew to be totally false. A letter to the editor of the daily paper protesting these lies was, of course, never printed. Thankfully, it was for a primary election and he won that by a massive margin. His conservative voting record in the Senate was the best of the 48 at 100 percent. Further, since taking office the first time, he has insisted on reading every bill before the roll call – or he votes nay, perhaps the only one to do so in the history of the state since 1907.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Oklahoma Ethics Commission seems to be incapable of doing anything about these onerous mailings and phone calls. Or maybe the members simply do not want to be bothered? If there is a contac number  for them to complain, it is a very well-kept secret.

Fortunately, our favorite Congressman, Jim Bridenstine, R-Oklahoma, handily won his primary, after being outspent somewhat more than double. The independent general election opponent intelligently decided there was no chance and called his office the next day to concede and withdrew. Congressman Jim had committed the first time, in 2012, that he would only serve three terms, and has reiterated his determination to do so – thus he will leave Congress in 2018, sadly.

At the national level, the rhetoric was rapidly descending to the “politics of personal destruction” with both sides throwing personal accusations at the other. It seems that sort of thing is all those of the C/S persuasion have in their bag of tricks. It also appears that those in the White House are blatantly violating the law by actively campaigning,at our tax expense, in favor of the Democrat candidate.

It came to my attention just recently that there is a federal law prohibiting political campaigning by government employees (Hatch Act), and certainly PRESBO fits that mold, especially using Air Force One to travel. Plus his staff members, wife and others are on the federal payroll. But, because he controls the office of attorney general, nothing has been, or will be, done.

Further, as stated before ,there is the specter of massive vote fraud. Thankfully, it appears that the voting system here in Oklahoma is the best in the nation. However, it can be manipulated if those working at the polls or in the election board offices are so inclined. My personal experience has observed such manipulations, particularly in more rural counties. It should be kept in mind that in the very first election of former President Lyndon B. Johnson in Texas, his victory was by vote fraud, where the needed 300 votes were suddenly “found.” Honest elections are essential if we are to have the “rule of law” survive and thrive as was set up in the original Constitution. Unfortunately, some amendments have diluted that.