The War on Terrorism a losing battle for this Administration

The PRESBO Administration appears to be determined to do everything possible to bring down the economy and pre-eminence of the United States by whatever actions he and his staff can think of in their collective minds. One of the most obvious, to we who love and respect the Constitution and the subsequent statutes, is the apparent attempt to lose the “War on Terrorism.”

Actually, in my mind we are already embroiled in “World War IV” since the extremist clergy of the religion of Islam have repeatedly and loudly declared death to Israel and the United States. If that does not put us at war, in my opinion, nothing will.

Having been alive, as a mid-teenage junior in high school on December 7, 1941, my mind is still quite clear on the scenario of receiving the news of the Japanese aerial attack on Pearl Harbor on a Sunday morning. They had not openly declared war, and in fact, had studiously covered up there intentions by the actions of their ambassador in Washington, D.C. He even continued to go about the business of appearing to attempt to negotiate the differences between our governments.

Well, the Islamofasciasts have been mounting murderous attacks on U.S. civilians and military personnel right here in the lower 48 states, at least since the first half of the 1990s. The first incident in my recollection was the truck bombing in one of the basement levels of the late World Trade Center. This was during the administration of William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, whose First Lady Hillary is now a candidate for the Democrat nomination for president. At that time, the personnel of the White House staff did not, to my knowledge, ever label the action as terrorism or an act of war.

In the years since, they were able to bring down those buildings by the use of hijacked airliners on September 11, 2001, just eight months after the inauguration of the 43rd President, George W. Bush. This attack alone killed almost 3,000 citizens, not to mention those killed by another airliner flown into the Pentagon and by the plane crashing in Pennsylvania after the hijackers were subdued by dedicated passengers.

Against the railing of some members of Congress, but with the affirmative majority vote, which included a number of Democrat members, reportedly including then-Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-New York, authorization to attack the nations that were harboring or sponsoring these terrorists was approved. In later years, many lies have been told about the information given them about weapons of mass destruction being in those nations.

Now we have had a number of attacks on our military personnel here at home carried out by Muslim extremists – from the Middle East apparently here on legal documentation. The most recent, on July 24, was in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where a sailor was killed in a recruiting office in a drive-by shooting followed by four Marines at a nearby base before the perpetrator was shot by police.

That followed the Fort Hood, Texas, killing and wounding of many more by an Army officer of the Muslim faith, who was medical psychiatric officer. He was placed in the brig but retained his rank and pay. The victims were unarmed, according to policy, and had no means of self defense. The reason, according to the major, was that they were heading to the Middle East to do harm to good Muslims. These, and other, attacks were labeled “workplace violence.”

In none of these and other such attacks, has the administration declared the victims to be eligible for the “Purple Heart” or listed as combat casualties. It is well known in those familiar with the military that to win one must be willing to name the enemy and act accordingly. That includes the willingness to take positive action, includings arming the personnel!