There are signs that the nation is taking a turn toward the better

Yes, it really seems that things are turning around and better days already seem to be arriving on our scene. Most of the PRESDT income tax proposals managed to work their way through the Congressional swamp to his desk and were signed into law without waiting until after the new year. Already, some major corporations have announced $1,000 bonuses to all employees. And those employees are reported to embark on additional spending of the windfall to the betterment of the economy. Also, the first reports of Christmas spending indicate rather large increases over recent years.

Of course, members of the JINO (journalists in name only) who simply cannot or refuse to report in an objective rather than subjective manner, continue to be critical of anything and everything that PRESDT does or proposes. The protestors list must also include officials of the Democrat Party who seem to find it sickening to even start to admit that Trump thinks or does anything good.

(Note: the Democrat Party is not accused of any wrongdoing because, as stated before, political parties are – like cars, trucks, guns or planes – inanimate objects without the ability to do anything good or bad).

It seems to be a rather underreported matter that PRESDT is a graduate of the New York Military College, and rather high in his class academically. No wonder, when his military guards give him a most proper salute, such as his stepping off the stairs of Air Force or Marine One, his return is equally proper, a refreshing change for the better, in my veteran’s opinion. He further seems to have plenty of respect for those in his personal protection staff of the Secret Service, again a refreshing change.

And it seems to me that such conduct would serve to engender a far greater sense of loyalty in those guardians.

Back to the passage of the tax change legislation with some observations.

I have observed for several decades the workings of legislative bodies, both in Colorado and Oklahoma as well as Congress. It has strongly impressed me that when one is seeking some legislative change, it is necessary to accept what can be passed – then work to obtain improvements. It is extremely rare to be able to have an ideal bill end up as the final law. Sadly, it has been my observation that there are and have been a number of members of legislative bodies who did not understand that principle, to their own detriment.

It is understandable that there would be at least some difference of opinion with 101 House and 48 Senate members in Oklahoma; and 435 voting House and 100 Senate members in Congress, plus one non-voting House member each for Puerto Rico and Samoa.

Some years ago, it was my position to be at a lunch meeting with three ladies working on changes in the Oklahoma law regarding sealing of records of adoptees.

One of them stated that she had written the bill “just the way she wanted it and if it was amended she would pull it.” My answer to that was to the effect that it would be a total waste of time and effort to even submit it as there would always be proposed amendments. You get passed what you can and then work to get passed improvements. So, it would be well to look to the future to see if changes to the new tax bill are needed and congressional members can be persuaded to get together for our national benefit.

For myself, it is my unshakable opinion resulting from extensive study that we would have been much better served if more of them could have been convinced that the FairTax would have solved most, if not all, of the nation’s fiscal problems.

It would have resulted in major reductions in the number of employees needed in the IRS and removed the openings for selective enforcement of the various parts of the law that have occurred in the last thirty or so years, maybe even more. There is always the possibility that the voting population will wake up and vote in members of Congress that have more experience with the facts of business – or am I dreaming?

In any event, it seems to me that the course of our republic is changing and for the better. Because of that, it appears that our future, at least for the next three years, may be much brighter. At least it looks that way from my view and am hopeful for the sake of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren (so far I have no great-great grandchildren).

God be with you through 2018 and beyond and give you peace, happiness, health and prosperity.