There Is a Big Chance…

When the Left and its allies in the press would like Americans to think of the inevitability of another Clinton presidency, here comes a column by Maureen Dowd, never a conservative advocate, that lays out the lie.

Ms. Dowd’s New York Times article is entitled “Thanks Obama.”  Ms. Dowd begins, “It wasn’t easy for Barack Obama, a skinny newcomer to national politics with an exotic name a scant resume to overthrow the voracious Clinton machine.”

“The 45 year-old had to turn himself into a dream catcher.  He had to become an avatar of idealism and persuade Americans that he could take us to a political Arden beyond lies and vanishing records and money grabs and Marc Rich and Monica and motel 1600.”

Obama was going to lift Washington to a higher plateau – not one where the president consulted a pollster to see where he would vacation or if he should tell the truth about his intern or mistress.

Senator Obama presented himself as the ticket to the future.  He made us, according to Ms. Dowd, feel good about ourselves, that we could be better, do better.

Making his case against Hillary, the future president said, “America deserved more than triangulating and poll driven positions and the same old Washington textbook campaign and trying to sound or vote like Republicans when it comes to National Security issues.”

The Clintons sneered at Obama’s hope and change message.  Hillary protested, “We don’t need to be raising the false hopes of our country.”  Bill groused, “This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.”

Voters, according to Ms. Dowd were starved for fairy tales.  They knew Hillary Clinton would say anything and change nothing.  It was time to turn the page.

Now the president who deferred so much promise and delivered only more bad policies, one after another, has bought us a return ticket to the past.  The president has now made it his mission to preserve the establishment, which most Americans have a deep resentment of.  In eight years, we have doubled the national debt, expanded those on welfare, lost 94 million of our fellow citizens to job opportunities and shown that today’s politicians have no answer to growing crime, the Islamic state or an out of control immigration policy.

Americans now realize those controlling power are much more interested in preserving that power than finding solutions to the country’s problems.

Ms. Dowd reports that before he died, Beau Biden, a soldier and Delaware candidate, told his father he wanted him to run because he didn’t want the White House to fall back into the miasma of Clinton family values.”

The president made his vote for Hillary or face doom convention speech only 22 days after his FBI Director painted Hillary as reckless and untruthful.

In the end Ms. Dowd concludes, “Obama didn’t overthrow the Clinton machine.  He enabled it.”

It’s only about politics.  No lofty goals from the Democrats.   If Ms. Dowd can write with such passion about a corrupt Democrat candidate, there is real hope this November.  Sixty eight percent of the electorate cannot be wrong about “crooked” Hillary.