There is cause for optimism thanks to Trump in 2018

There is a lot to be thankful for, not the least of which was the beginning of what I hope will be an 8-year tenure of President Donald Trump.  Though he has much more left to accomplish of his many campaign promises, it is nothing short of astounding how much he has been able to do given the relentless attacks of liberal politicians and a very hostile media.

This coming year promises to be even better than the previous year.  The economy is looking better than it has in nearly two decades, primarily due to President Trump’s efforts to deconstruct an embedded anti-business and highly regulatory government that was greatly accentuated due to Obama’s efforts to “fundamentally transform” America.  While I think that the damage Obama did to our Republic is widely understood, it may be some time before we fully comprehend just how severely he expanded and corrupted the bureaucracies of government.  The term “deep state” took on new meaning during his tenure, and I am grateful that Trump has made it his mission to undo that.

Trump has brought optimism back to America, much like Ronald Reagan did when he became President in the early 80s.  It was then that I learned that one of the most devastating components of recession is the pessimism that liberal politicians inevitably infuse into our national psyche.  Jimmy Carter sunk us deep into recession when he instructed or allowed the Federal Reserve to run amok with 22 percent interest rates, telling Americans that we should put on sweaters instead of doing something about high energy prices.  It was no wonder that he lost in a landslide to Ronald Reagan in 1980, or that Reagan also won in a landslide to Walter Mondale in 1984.  If you recall, Mondale’s primary platform during the election campaign was to raise taxes.

Trump’s recent success at lowering our taxes will have an even bigger impact on our economy this coming year than just his promise to lower them did in 2017.  This is key to getting our economy to recover, and perhaps to finally address our rising national debt.  Without creating more jobs and bringing jobs back from overseas, there is little hope that we will ever pay off the debt or meet the long-term obligations to Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.  More jobs means more income available to the government to meet those needs.

In terms of our economy, architects are one of the best but little recognized barometers of the future of the economy.  When we have little work in our offices, it follows that there will be little construction that follows.  Construction employs millions of Americas during good times, so the lack of construction is devastating to our economy.  In my own practice, I have more work now and I see more work coming in than I have seen in the 29 years since I started my business.  Given that it is difficult to find architects as employees, I believe that other architects are experiencing the same thing.

But even when America prospers and tax income increases, it is of little use if politicians continue to squander the revenues.  This is why Trump’s efforts to “drain the swamp” are so critical.  Embedded bureaucrats and politicians have to be driven out of their offices and be replaced with fiscally conservative people who understand what a Republic actually is.  This will be no easy feat, since there may be literally millions on federal and state payrolls that can’t be easily fired under current policies.  Changing those policies is key to solving that problem, and from all appearances, President Trump has not diminished his efforts in doing so.

Trump is also making good on his promises to address the immigration problems.  Longstanding and foolish policies such as chain migration look like they will become a thing of the past during this year, and the construction of the wall at our southern border is progressing.  The federal government is already increasing its efforts and abilities to capture and deport illegal aliens who have committed crimes, but again, the previous administration is responsible for bringing hundreds of thousands of immigrants to our country, not just from Mexico, but also from Muslim countries in the Middle East.  It will take a long time to find those who intend us harm before they inflict more damage on us.  Trump, though, has not waivered in his address of the problems.

There is much more I could say of the optimism that Americans are feeling now, but the greatest optimism comes from the promise to America by President Trump to keep his many promises to us made during his campaign. That speaks volumes to the bright future that America has in front of it.