They Only Make it Worse

If you are still wondering how Donald Trump can appeal to so many people (especially minorities), you need to go no further than reading two articles that appeared in Bloomberg Businessweek.

One is entitled “Hey, Pops, My Student Loans re Due” and the second was an editorial named, “Women Belong in the Military and the Draft.”

As we know, student loan debt is over a trillion dollars and climbing.  However, did you realize that the total outstanding educational loans held by people 65 and older, including debt that financed their own schooling and their children’s, grew to $18.2 billion in 2013?  That is a $16 billion increase since 2005.  The number of borrowers age 60 and up has increased to 2.2 million from 700,000 in 2005.

Also, 27 percent of education loans held by people 65-74 were in default. More than half of education loans held by people 75 and older were in default.

Most young people in the Obama economy can’t find work.  Under Mr. Obama’s Pacific Trade Agreement and illegal alien resettlement, wages will remain low – much to the delight of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  That’s another reason Mr. Trump opposes the new Pacific Trade Agreement.  It’s killing our middle class.

In the case of seniors, the government can take money from their Social Security to pay student debt.  In 2013, 155,000 seniors lost part of their retirement benefit to repay education debt up from 31,000 in 2002.

Congress and the administration broke the system by not allowing senior citizens, whose “situation seemed sufficiently hopeless,” to get relief.

Unfortunately, we have allowed predominately Democrat-controlled colleges and universities to charge outrageous prices for worthless degrees.  School administrations were only too happy to approve most all applications for student assistance.

Students who are applying to study a subject matter that doesn’t provide for a living wage should not be charged what an engineering degree is worth.

Also, schools should be made to establish reserves as banks do for the loans they make.  These reserves could be tapped by bankruptcy proceeding for those whose debt is so hopeless as to warrant forgiveness.

Our nation is not better off with young adults delaying getting on with their lives who are stuck with student debt or seniors driven to use social services because the government took their social security payments.

Are we also better off allowing women to fight for the country and be drafted?  Businessweek seems to think so with “the Pentagon has struck a blow for military preparedness and sex equality by opening all combat jobs to women.  Allowing female troops who meet the same standards as men to fight improves a nation’s ability to protect itself and its interest.”

This is the lie – the two West Point women who passed ranger school actually washed out, but were given second chances by being recycled into another series.  Did they meet the same standards as their male counterparts? No.  They should have been sent home.

Our country will not be better off with young women signing up for the selective service and possibly leaving young children behind.

All one should do is read what ISIS says can be done to non-Muslim women and girls.

All the Obama administration has done these last seven years is to make matters worse.