This is a growing threat to our way of life in America

Americans are, by nature, a peace-loving people.  It is in our DNA to be compassionate and helpful to not only our own citizens, but people of other countries.  We are equally willing to send our own young people to die in wars to protect people in other countries and to send assistance and money to their citizens after being ravaged by natural disasters as we are our own people.

Our nature, I believe, comes from our Christian roots, and it is so deeply instilled in our national psyche that can and does still exist even within American citizens who don’t believe in God.

But as much as that characteristic has been our strength, it has become our weakness.  As much as we reject how people in other countries live, we have become complacent in preventing it from happening here.

For example, we see what socialism has done to Venezuela is a very short time.  In a country that was once a picture of affluence, now people are starving to the point of looting and rioting just for something to eat.  Yet we are embracing socialism.

The events of 9/11 finally got Americans to look at how other countries live under Islam.  We detest the spirit of violence that is a part of so many Muslims, and we send our troops to foreign nations to kill the worst of those in an effort to keep them from coming to our shores.  Rightfully so, our attention has been on those Muslims who aspire to kill not only American citizens, but anyone who does not believe the way they do, including other Muslims.

I have written in this column several times that I do believe that Islam is an ideology, not a religion, but also that I do not deny that the majority of Muslims practice it as a religion.  In other words, I believe that the original intent of Islam is world conquest and subjugation, but that most Muslims do not actively promote that intent.

While it is easy to spot those that are commonly referred to as radicals, those that are violently acting out the original intent, it is nearly impossible to strain out those who quietly intend to do so.

Few in America would say that we should pick and choose which religions get freedom to practice in America or not, including me.  I believe in our Constitution, and it guarantees the right to worship in any way, however bizarre the religion might be.  But that gives opportunity to those in our country to take advantage of our rights and our laws to practice their religion, none more than using the law that I have supported for many years, RLIUPA.

However, it is more than unsettling to see how that good law is allowing Islam to sink a deep foothold in America, and it is equally unsettling to take the risk of being called a bigot by speaking out about it.  Name calling, it seems, has become the popular method to silence people in America who have legitimate concerns and want only honest discourse and rightful outcomes.

I will cite, as an example, a recent court case that exemplifies how Islam grows in America.  I do not cite it as an example of a group of Muslims intent on becoming terrorists, but one only of how a good law could allow any radical Muslim to find a place and a refuge to spread that brand of Islam that is violent.  We know that mosques are frequent incubators for that.  It is for that reason that I will not state the place or name of the mosque involved in this RLUIPA court case.

The case involved a mosque that had been denied a zoning approval on a property they had purchased to build a mosque.  The mosque filed a federal lawsuit and the  Justice Department filed suit against the township, alleging violation of their rights under RLUIPA by placing unreasonable limitations on the mosque.  It also claimed that the township only allowed places of worship in one district without rezoning the property or granting a variance to the existing zoning.

After three years of litigation, the township agreed to a settlement. It will grant a building permit and amend its zoning ordinances to be in compliance with RLIUPA, allowing this mosque to be the first in their community.

There is no question that Muslims intend to occupy this country in the same way that they already have in Europe, and they have openly stated that they do not want to be one of many religions in America, but the religion.

In Europe there are now “no go” zones and areas where Sharia law has been allowed to replace native laws.  Sharia is totally incompatible with our way of life and with our Constitution.  We should accept any immigrant who comes here legally and assimilates to our way of life, but what can America do to prevent our suffering the same fate as Europe, and is it too late already?   More on this next week.