Tolerating a Super Bowl party without any politics

Remind me again why I like hosting people at my house for a Super Bowl Party. I’m sure you know what I mean, and you may have had that same thought this past Sunday.

There’s always plenty of food, in fact, usually too many leftovers. But, it’s not the food that’s the issue. It’s the personnel.

I don’t mean to sound like a curmudgeon, and I’m certainly not the kind of guy that just wants to sit in silence and watch the game, but there’s a happy medium between being social and actually watching the game. At our house, there were eight of us, so not a huge crowd, but enough to keep the noise level at a very high volume. The cast of characters will remain nameless, but you may be able to identify with most of these.

First there’s the know-it-all. You know, the guy that has a comment on everything. You can’t carry on a conversation with anyone because he’s always putting in his two-cents. He comments on the food, every commercial – and boy, are there several of those – and he knows how to coach better than anyone involved in the game.

Then there’s the female who is more interested in showing you the latest viral video then watch the game. Occasionally she’ll stop to watch a commercial if it involves animals.

Next, there’s the guy that brought the alcohol. Uh, I don’t recall saying that was on the menu. Thankfully, nobody overdid it and everyone remained civil.

Also, there was the person who kept saying can everyone please be quiet so we can hear the halftime show, however, it was only that person who was talking.

The good news is, the subject of politics never came up, and we were a house united in rooting for Atlanta to win the game. Half of us are Buffalo Bills fans, so there is no way we would cheer for New England, and the other half were just tired of seeing the Patriots win and were rooting for an upset.

We were all disappointed as the Patriots won, 34-28, in overtime. Oh, well, the food was good.


Wow! That’s the only way to describe the Lady Gaga halftime show during Super Bowl LI.

Regardless of what you think of Lady Gaga’s makeup and outfits, there’s no denying she is extremely talented. I have loved her voice for a long time, but often thought she needed to tone down her outfits.

The way she began her halftime show was awesome. She was standing on the top of NRG Stadium singing a patriotic medley, in a message intended to unite what has been a very divided country since the November election. She did it tastefully and without political statement – something that is rare this days.

Then she bravely repelled from the roof, tethered by only two cables, down to a platform thirty-feet above the field. From there she continued her assent to the stadium stage, where she was obviously out of breath but never missed a beat.

In true Gaga fashion, she sat at the piano, playing, and singing one of her signature ballads, and at the end – like a girl at her recital – pointed out her parents and said, “Hi mom, hi dad.”

The dancing, the pyrotechnics, the light show – all of it was just spectacular. This was the first time in many years that I honestly enjoyed the halftime show. I’d be real tempted to go see Lady Gaga in concert the next time she comes to Tulsa.