Editorial: Top priorities for November 8th

There are some crucial decisions next Tuesday for Tulsa, Oklahoma and the United States.

Please vote against Hillary Clinton to save the U.S. Supreme Court. Donald Trump is not perfect but unborn babies have a fighting chance if he is elected. Not voting or a vote for minor candidates is a vote for Mrs. Clinton, who will continue the decline of America started by Obama eight years ago.

Please vote no on the retention of all of the statewide appellate judges, especially the two from the liberal Oklahoma Supreme Court. They too have no regard for unborn children.

Please vote yes on State Questions 776 (death penalty), SQ777 (Right to Farm) and SQ790 (freedom of religion). These support capital punishment, the economic freedom of farmers and restoration of the Ten Commandments monument at the State Capitol.

Please vote no on State Questions 779 (sales tax hike), SQ780 (liberalizing possession of illegal drugs), SQ781 (companion to SQ 780) and SQ792 (proliferation of hard beer and wine).

Please vote for Dave Rader in Senate District 39 and Joe Newhouse in Senate District 26. These are two conservative, Christian men who will keep campaign promises. Sen. Nathan Dahm must be re-elected.

The Oklahoma House needs the return of David Brumbaugh, Mike Ritze, Chuck Strohm and the addition of Molly McKay and Scott McEachin.

Tulsa County needs Don Newberry as the court clerk.

And the Tulsa City Council desperately needs the conservative voice of Eric McCray in District 9.

Tulsa Beacon  Endorsements

President Donald Trump
U.S. Senator James Lankford
State Senate District 25 Joe Newhouse
State Senate District 33 Nathan Dahm
State Senate District 35 Gary Stanislawski
State Senate District 37 Dan Newberry
State Senate District 39 Dave Rader
State House District 36 No recommendation
State House District 66 No recommendation
State House District 67 Scott McEachin
State House District 69 Chuck Strohm
State House District 70 No recommendation
State House District 71 No recommendation
State House District 73 No recommendation
State House District 74 Dale Derby
State House District 75 Dan Kirby
House District 76 David Brumbaugh
State House District 78 Molly McKay
State House District 79 No recommendation
State House District 80 Mike Ritze
Tulsa County Sheriff Vic Regalado
Tulsa County Court Clerk Donald Newberry
Tulsa County Commissioner District 2 Josh Turley
Oklahoma Supreme Court Retention
Justice James R. Winchester Vote no
Justice Douglas L. Combs Vote no
Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals Retention
Judge Clancy Smith Vote no
Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals Retention
Tom Thornbrugh Vote no
John F. Fisher Vote no
Larry Joplin Vote no
Tulsa City Council District 1 No recommendation
Tulsa City Council District 2 Jeannie Cue
Tulsa City Council District 9 Eric McCray
State Question  776 Vote Yes Death Penalty
State Question 777 Vote Yes Right to Farm
State Question 779 Vote No State sales tax increase
State Question 780 Vote No Reclassify drug possession
State Question 781 Vote No Companion to SQ780
State Question 790 Vote Yes Freedom of religion
State Question 792 Vote No Liberalizing liquor laws