Tornado repairs, cleanup continue

In the aftermath of the August 6 tornado, city officials have reopened all arterial streets around 41st Street and Hudson Avenue.

The seven traffic signals that were damaged by the tornado are also back in operation.

Tulsa’s Office and City Development Services has reached out to affected businesses to see if volunteers are needed for their recovery efforts.  The Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency (TAEMA) and Tulsa County Social Services are assessing the needs of the residential areas that were impacted by the tornado. Most businesses and residents are insured, but the city and community partners want to make sure any needs are met during the recovery process.

On August 10,  TAEMA hosted Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Small Business Administration and the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management as they assessed the damaged area for the potential of long-term, low interest loans for residents and businesses affected by the tornado.

Tulsa’s Streets and Stormwater Department made sure roads were clear and passable the night following the storm and many community and faith-based groups helped with cleanup efforts within the impacted neighborhoods.

For community and volunteer groups that would like to register to help with future volunteer efforts, contact TAEMA at 918-596-9899 or