TPD targets BA Expressway, US 75

During the month of March the Tulsa Police Department Riverside Traffic Unit will focus on posted speed and hazardous moving violations on both the Broken Arrow Expressway (west of South Sheridan Road) and the Okmulgee Beeline (US 75).

Riverside Traffic Unit Officers will be randomly monitoring these expressways in the Riverside Division throughout the month. They will be paying special attention to any hazardous moving violations on those highways.  A citation issued for speeding ranges in cost from $150 to up to $500 and/or 10 days in jail. No warnings will be issued.

Drivers are reminded to remain alert, refrain from using all electronic communication devices, buckle their seatbelts and heed all warning signs while driving.  Drivers are also encouraged to use caution and pay special attention to the posted speed limits at all times.  It is the goal of the Riverside Traffic Unit to reduce the frequency and severity of collisions occurring within the city of Tulsa.