TPD testing body cameras for cops

The Tulsa Police Department has begun the field testing portion of the Body Worn Camera project.

Up until recently, most of the efforts were focused on the infrastructure necessary for the field testing. Within the next few weeks, the TPD will be distributing 40 body cameras to department personnel who have frequent contact with the citizens of Tulsa.

The field testers are comprised of a cross section of officers to include the motorcycle unit, evening shift and graveyard officers. The field test will be conducted through the end of the year. All of the video recorded by officers in the field are considered evidence, the same as the in-car camera system, thereby susceptible to open records requests and subpoenas.

Chief Jordan received the first camera on 11-1-16, he stated “The Tulsa Police Department is committed to providing high-quality law enforcement services and recognizes the significance of accountability and transparency as functions of securing and maintaining the public’s trust and confidence.”

The officers assigned cameras for this field test initiative will document their experiences. Through this process, the police will determine the operational needs of the Tulsa Police Department.