Letter to the editor: Transgender madness in the military

It used to be that a flat-footed person could not get into the military service and that was a common-sense restriction – whether you were assigned to the infantry or elsewhere. The reason was, that during a time of war, whatever might be a person’s specialty, wartime conditions could easily put someone in a situation where their life or the life of someone else could depend on a person having the agility to quickly move themselves or others to a place of safety.

Why have we moved from such a place of common sense?

We have moved to the unbelievable place of having our federal courts dictate military policy – telling us who can serve and who cannot. This is even to the point of showing no common sense against taking people into the services when it is known they will be spending time in a hospital bed having elective transgender surgery. All at the monetary expense of the American People who are paying their salary for supposedly standing ready as much as humanly possible.  And, of course, at the expense of lack of safety for the American people should someone in a key position be having elective surgery when a nation decides to launch an attack against our country.

It is folly, pure folly – unlike anything this country has ever seen before.