Travel may be cheaper this summer

While travelers are faced with some new as well as a few old challenges today – the Zika virus, a stock market in transition, terrorism – AAA reports travel providers are responding to these concerns by cutting prices and offering some of the best valued vacation packages in quite some time.

AAA encourages Oklahomans to be cautious when traveling the world, and to be aware of all health and security alerts before leaving home. Although much has been made of the Zika virus and travelers should stay informed, federal health officials have not issued travel restrictions to those countries with active virus transmission.

“Traveling by car this year was already going to be more cost effective thanks to the lowest gas prices in seven years, but now people can find some really good bargains across the board,” said Krista Mullenger, vice president of Travel, AAA Oklahoma. “As you might expect, we are seeing tremendous discounts to areas like the Caribbean, South America and Europe, but there are also great deals on other vacations, too.”

The current strength of the dollar makes international travel especially affordable. Favorable conversion rates mean Americans will get more for their money when visiting far-off destinations such as Europe and Australia.

“In the end, the decision to travel is a very personal one,” said Mullenger. “AAA urges travelers to follow the Centers for Disease Control recommendations, which urges women who are pregnant – or plan to become pregnant in the near future – to postpone travel to 14 countries and territories in Central and South America and the Caribbean where Zika virus transmission is ongoing.”

AAA says don’t forget domestic destinations such as Alaska and Hawaii plus U.S. and Oklahoma parks. These locations are growing in popularity among travelers who want to stay closer to home.