Letter to the editor: Troubling Iran treaty

A 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed brings in a briefcase full of beeping electronics into school and he is deemed a genius and a  hero. Picture 10,000 Ahmed Mohameds pulling the same stunt with a real briefcase bomb triggered from outside their school via cell phone.

Why does President Obama encourage such behavior?

Why would President Obama take time out of his busy day to entertain this disruptive kid when he did not have time to deal with our dying men in Benghazi?

Will the president invite Josh Wolf of Elk River, Minnesota, to come to the White House to show how he can make biodiesel out of algae for about $1.30 a  gallon?

Our U.S. Navy was spending $27 a gallon for virtually the same thing. Former Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann was informed about Josh years ago and never had him speak before Congress.

The media has used the Ahmed Mohamed incident as they did with Bruce Jenner to distract us from things that really matter, like a trade agreement which no one can legally divulge what it contains!

It is a treaty which can be modified after it is passed. Do we know who even wrote this trade agreement? Do we know who wrote Obamacare, another open-ended law? The media continues to play the public like a Stradivarius violin.  And they love it!