Trump and American Ingenuity

On October 5, Holman Jenkins, Jr., wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal entitled, “The Trump Tax Setup.”  Here he questions the media’s ridiculously disingenuous reaction to a leaked three pages of Donald Trump’s 1995 tax return.  It was in the 90s that the New York real estate collapsed and with it the fortunes of Mr. Trump.  Businessweek estimated that by early 1992, Trump was personally under water by $1.4 billion, which resulted in a $916 million net operating loss.

For most people, a business loss of that size would mean personal bankruptcy and a search for a new career and life.  But Donald Trump did come back and was hailed by the New York Times as the “Comeback Kid.”  The United States was built by ingenious people who would not bow to failure or adversity.  However, the modern Democrat Party wants to belittle achievement and say what one does is not theirs.

For that reason, Mr. Jenkins says, “The means being used to defeat him (Trump) are the best argument for his candidacy.”

Mr. Trump needs to point out that even when losing millions of dollars, his companies continued to generate payroll for thousands of individuals (an achievement neither Hillary Clinton or Tim Kaine could match) and paid franchise, property and personal income taxes to local state and federal government.

Mr. Jenkins also asks “How does he not point out that a Miss Universe Pageant winner has a job to do – remain beautiful – and the inability to refrain from binge consuming sweets is not a personal virtue or act of gender heroism.”

These are topics that happened over twenty years ago.  Are they relevant today?  No, they are not.  They are the only things that Hillary has to deflect from her miserable record of public service.  That is why at the first debate Lester Holt, the moderator, never asked crooked Hillary about her health, the pay-to-play program between the Clinton Foundation and State Department, the missing 33,000 emails and her terrible Libya and Syrian foreign policies.

These questions – as well as trade policies, regulation, energy, climate change and taxation – are far more relevant than harping on Trump’s unfitness to be president and casting his supporters into the deplorable, lowlife and sucker category.

If this were not enough, the Democrats have even corrupted the FBI and IRS.  FBI Director James Comey was touted by the Republican establishment as a straight shooter who would impartially investigate Hillary’s disregard for national security by using a secret server to handle thousands of classified emails.

In a recent letter to the editor column, the statement made was. “Mr. Comey’s handling of the Clinton case understandably makes Americans wonder if their government can be trusted to perform this duty.”  To which Mr. and Mrs. T.F. Crovatto answer, “We know our government can’t be trusted.”

We even found out that the president, who denied knowing about the secret server, would use a pseudonym in emails to his secretary of state.  He didn’t just “fib” about what he knew, he lied about it.

As Charles Gessner writes, “After the Lois Lerner affair, it became apparent that the IRS is no longer apolitical.”  The IRS still is not processing applications by tea party groups.

This election rests on a return of American ingenuity and exceptionalism.  Hillary Clinton cannot do it, but Donald Trump has done it repeatedly.  America’s middle class needs a fighter.  We had hoped that person would come from congressional Republicans, but they too are wimps like the president and seemly only care about “preserving their meal tickets and status.”