Letter to the editor: Trump and Russian hacking myth

President Trump’s proven tweets were once again vindicated today. The most frivolous contention from the shortsighted liberals is the odd claim of Russian hacking of the election. Honestly it would be far better sensationalism if the fake news would just come all the way out and say it was Edward Snowden who hacked the election. This fake scenario at least still has the Russian connection from where Snowden was justifiably exiled for treason. The hacking theory never got off the ground because hacking, when real, leaves an instant trail.

So who was tried?

Who was convicted?


And Silence.

There’s such a mass range here between instant-arrest and 10 months no conviction. Clearly not even close. Actually what could be is maybe the hacking was intended to stoke a Trump loss but the shallow instigator errantly didn’t quite give the misguided Democrats enough votes and was taken by complete surprise of the all-red map. At least this scenario explains why the theorists don’t want to dig too deep or it will surface that Trump’s proven mandate was even larger than already known. But again smarter theories make too much sense. Funny stuff. Keep America great folks!