Trump endorses Oklahoma-based pro-life, marriage pact

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, has endorsed an Oklahoma-based initiative in his first hard-line conservative stand on abortion and homosexual marriage.

Trump made the announcement, via e-mail, to the group Protect Life and Marriage Oklahoma.

“I think Donald Trump saw the rationale behind our movement and agreed with the logic,” said Pastor Paul Blair, president of Protect Life and Marriage Oklahoma.  “The Supreme Court egregiously overstepped its authority with both Roe v Wade and the Obergefell decision which mandates that states must approve marriage licenses for anyone and everyone. I think Trump agrees we can not allow the U.S. Supreme Court to grant itself powers that go vastly beyond the authority clearly spelled out in the Constitution.”

In an e-mail to Protect Life and Marriage Oklahoma, Trump expressed both his support for the group’s online petition and the principles behind it.

“I support the thousands of Oklahomans who are standing up and protecting life and marriage in their state,” Trump said.  “We must strengthen our nation by reversing Obama’s disastrous programs that incentivize single parent homes. I am staunchly pro-life and will work tirelessly to ensure that every child has the right to life, liberty  and the pursuit of happiness. I stand with you Oklahoma in support of initiatives that protect life and strengthen families all across America.”

Blair said he is honored the GOP candidate chose his organization to publicly announce his position on these important issues.

“This is the first time Donald Trump has so publicly and emphatically stated his pro-life and pro-natural marriage positions as part of his Presidential platform,” said Blair.  “Opposition to a renegade Supreme Court trampling on our rights spans the Republican spectrum.  And these will be key issues in the GOP Primary.  We will see to that.”