Trump in Tulsa

GOP hopeful gets a big crowd here

Donald Trump demonstrated his popularity in Tulsa January 20 at a rally with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin that drew thousands of supporters.

Trump will test his popularity in Oklahoma on March 1 in the Republican presidential primary on Super Tuesday.

Even though he was an hour late, his arrival at the ORU Mabee Center was a big hit with the crowd.

“We have a movement going on, folks,” Trump said. “People are sick and tired and fed up and yes, we are angry.

Three months ago, he got a call from a liberal reporter who wrote a piece with the headline, “The Summer of Trump.” He told Trump that what he has done has never been done in politics before.

“I told him what I have done is nothing. Because if we don’t win, to me it means nothing,” Trump said. “He said I have changed the whole landscape of campaigning and the dialogue. I said, ‘trust me. If I don’t win, and I am not talking about winning primaries, I am talking about winning the presidency.’ It all doesn’t matter.”

Trump said his rallies by far draw more people. He almost filled the 11,200-seat Mabee Center and he said 7,000 people were turned away. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, had a rally at the Mabee Center in December with about half the number of supporters.

“I have to come back to Oklahoma to take care of those 7,000 people,” Trump said.

Democrat Bernie Sanders, whom Trump calls a “socialist/communist,” is beating Hillary Clinton, Trump said.

“This guy is a whack job, he’s a wacko and he’s beating Hillary Clinton,” Trump said. “I really want to run against her but I really want to run against Bernie Sanders. He wants to bring your taxes to 90 percent. Does anybody here mind paying 90 percent?”

Trump said Mrs. Clinton may not get the votes to get the Democrat nomination and she might not get the nomination because of legal problems. The former secretary of state is being investigated by the FBI.

“You know why Hillary is so positive about the president?” Trump asked.  “Because she wants to stay out of the clink, that’s why. She never thought the president was wonderful before. She couldn’t stand the president and frankly, he couldn’t stand her. Now, suddenly, he’s wonderful, wonderful. It’s very simple. She wants to make sure she gets through this thing and he does have the power of the presidency.”

Trump said he likes some of his fellow Republican candidates.

“But none of them will get Mexico to pay for the wall,” he said concerning his plan for a wall on the southern border to deter illegal immigration.

Trump said he loved citing polls because he is almost always in first place. He mentioned a poll in Florida that had him at 48 percent  with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush “down in the toilet.”

“The guy has spent $79 million,” Trump said of Bush. “I wouldn’t mention it but a lot of it is ads against me. And he’s, bing, down in the basement.”

Trump said Bush can’t “fix anything” because “he’s a low-energy person.”

Trump said he is proving all the so-called expert pundits wrong.

“You take those glasses away from George Will, and he’s a stupid-looking guy,” Trump said. “I mean Karl Rove, he still thinks Romney won the election. They had to take him off the air in a basket.”

Trump said he is getting a lot of hatred from the political establishment because he is not taking any campaign money and therefore not subject to their control.

“I want to be greedy for you – I want to be greedy for the United States,” Trump said. “I don’t want stupid deals. I don’t want to be losing $500 billion a year in trade with China.”

Trump had a handful of protesters who yelled at him kicked out of the arena, much to the delight of the crowd of supporters.

“What’s more fun than a Trump rally?” Trump asked.

Trump blasted the liberal media and said they would emphasize the protesters even though they were outnumbered by thousands.

“The only way those cameras, which are crooked as (expletive), will ever turn to show this packed arena, with 15,000 people, is if we have a protester, right?” Trump said. “So, I love protesters.”

The bank of local and national cameramen did pivot and take shots of the packed house after those comments.

“They are disgusting, folks,” Trump said. “They won’t turn the cameras because they are dishonest people. They really are. They think the protesters make us look bad.”

Concerning the capture of U.S. sailors by the Iranians, Trump said, “That’s not going to happen. They were forced to do something that should not be happening to us. And believe me, if this president and this secretary of state didn’t give them $150 billion, they’d still be there and they’d be there for years.

“We are in a different world now, folks.”

Palin said Trump would be a  “commander-in-chief who will treat our veterans better than illegal immigrants.”

Palin referred to the U.S. sailors taken hostage by Iran earlier this month. The sailors were told to apologize.

“That’s because of the weak-kneed ‘capitulator-in-chief,’ who doesn’t know how to negotiate,” Palin said in reference to President Obama. “And he has decided that from now on, America is going to lead from behind. What the enemy was doing was sending a message to the rest of the world and the message they tried to send was that they will take captives and America will kowtow and America will apologize…”

Palin said Trump is the only candidate who “has mastered the art of the deal.”

“He is perfectly positioned to make America great again.”

Palin said Trump’s experience in the private sector makes him the best candidate to fix America’s problems.

She mentioned securing the borders to protect home and jobs. She blamed both the Democrats and Republicans in the “campaign donor class” for the ruinous “transformation” of the country promised by Obama seven years ago. They want to keep borders open for cheap foreign labor, she said.

Tulsa businessman Dan Keating, the co-chair for the Trump campaign in Oklahoma, welcomed the crowd.