Letter to the editor: Trump polls are wrong

When I see the Trump polls posted on the evening news I recognize some bias. Therefore, I started my own polling.

I asked two men who shop at Bass Pro Shop if they liked Trump and received two yes votes.  I overheard two people at church express  their opinion of gun control – you got it, two more yes votes for Trump.   I asked a widow woman and received a very strong yes for Trump.

I met a man wearing an NRA cap and could have filled my notebook for Trump but I needed  more space. I asked two young ladies about the adults in their home and got four more “yes Trump” votes. I saw a pickup at the veterans’ medical clinic which had a sticker that read, “Deplorable and proud  of it.” Without asking a question, I marked down another yes for Trump.

I will admit that I avoided people wearing rainbow shirts and had rings in their noses.  And yes I am biased.  I wish ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and the Tulsa World would admit where their fake polls are bought.