Editorial: Trump stands up to liberal media

President Donald Trump doesn’t act according to the wishes of the liberal news media.

For decades, national media outlets including NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, PBS and local media including the Tulsa World, most TV stations and some radio stations, have tried to impose a politically correct standard on Republican presidents. The same strict code doesn’t apply to Democrats.

Republican presidential candidates like Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney carefully chose their words and policies so as not to upset the media moguls who press America toward socialism and secularism.

Trump broke the mold and got elected.

That infuriated the liberal media who were counting on four or eight years of Hillary Clinton.

During the campaign, the media tried over and over again to blow up comments or policies by Trump and it didn’t stop him. When he said some criminals from Mexico were in this country illegally, their fake news reported that he said all Mexicans who come here are criminals.

After the election, they concocted a wild story that Russia had stolen the election from Clinton and that Trump was the puppet of Putin. More fake news.

Trump has responded with criticism that would never have come from Dole, McCain or Romney. He uses social media to bypass the progressives and take his message directly to the American people.

The media manufacture phony polling to convince people that Trump is highly unpopular but that also is fake news. Americans, even those who disagree with his tone, are excited that he is advancing an agenda that truly could make America great again.