Trump Steps Forward

I was recently read an article stating that Donald Trump has a massive Catholic problem.  The story begins by reminding us that the Republican candidate has a real problem with female voters, blacks, Hispanics and young voters, but yet they cannot explain why Donald Trump rallies bring out so many people.

Even at the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia, they had to resort to “seat fillers” – paid individuals who would sit in otherwise empty seating.

Well, the latest group which supposedly has given up on Trump are the Catholics.  Mitt Romney lost the Catholic vote by 2 points in 2012.  Donald Trump is today behind 55 to 32 points.

The speculation is that this all started in February when Pope Francis said building walls and not bridges was not Christian, a reference to Trump’s promise to build a wall to keep illegals and criminals out of the United States.

The irony is the Vatican is surrounded by a massive 20-foot high and 10-foot thick wall intended (yes) to keep the Pope and others safe from the riffraff.  To date, the Pope has not opened Vatican City to any Syrian refuges.  He is also protected by the Swiss Guard.

President Obama has also added an additional five feet to the spiked fence surrounding the White House.  The White House has also been closed to tours since the Obamas began residing there.  So much for the “do as I say, not as I do” attitude among world leaders.

The end of summer and the coming Labor Day have seen two extraordinary planned speeches by Donald Trump.  The first was his historic visit to Mexico for a meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.  By all accounts, Trump knocked it out of the park.

I have long believed that our immigration problem with Mexico was only going to be solved through face-to-face meetings at the highest level, which is what Mr. Trump is now doing.

Mexico’s mostly Catholic population is hard working and very family oriented.  Yet, bringing in uneducated and low-skilled individuals does not help America.  Those that are here illegally must follow our laws to become U.S. citizens.  If that means identifying yourself and applying as others have done, so be it.  Amnesty is not an option.

Another historic first will be Mr. Trump’s Detroit speech to a mostly black audience.

As Heather MacDonald (writing for the Wall Street Journal) said about Donald Trump – black lives do matter.  He is one of the few politicians who has decried the loss of black life to violent crime and has exposed the hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter movement.

Mr. Trump has said, “Our job is to make life more comfortable for the African-American parent who wants their kids to be able to safely walk the streets and walk to school.”

A Republican reaching out to black America and reminding them that blacks have nothing to lose by voting for Trump has been met with scorn.  Trump’s remarks were called “despicable” and “shocking” in its divisiveness.

As Bret Stephens wrote, “The Black Lives Matter movement, ignited by the small fable of Michael Brown’s innocence, has metastasized into the big lie of America, land of the irredeemably racist.  For BLM and its cadres, there is no moral agency in the black community, no choices African-Americans can make for themselves to shape their own destiny for good or ill.  There is merely a nonstop conspiracy by the structures of white power to keep black people down.”

Yet, the ongoing crime surge is real and its victims are almost exclusively black, whites have largely been unaffected.

As reported last April, murders in Chicago were up 72 percent and shootings were up 88 percent.  August 2016 was the worst month in 20 years for Chicago violence.

Today, Democrat politicians ignore the facts and do not support law enforcement.  People do have a right to personal safety and Donald Trump’s outreach is very special in today’s politically correct world.  It will work for him.