Trump was right in pulling out of the Paris agreement

I was happy to hear of President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement.  It was the right decision that was made in the interest of the United States, and scuttles what was obviously a wealth distribution scheme intended to bilk American taxpayers out of billions of dollars.  Beyond that, the Agreement itself held little promise of any effect on global temperatures.

If you have read my column for any length of time, you know that I don’t believe that global temperatures are impacted by human activity at all, or if any, something so negligible that it has no effect.  It is an issue so fraught with fraud (i.e. the hockey stick curve) that it should be dismissed outright.  In fact, there is real scientific evidence that increased CO2 levels will actually benefit mankind.

In an article written by Robert Zubrin entitled, Carbon Emissions are Good, he states “Putting aside for the moment the question of whether human industrial CO2 emissions are having an effect on climate, it is quite clear that they are raising atmospheric CO2 levels.  As a result, they are having a strong and markedly positive effect on plant growth worldwide.  There is no doubt about this.  NASA satellite observations taken from orbit since 1958 show that, concurrent with the 19 percent increase in atmospheric CO2 over the past half century, the rate of plant growth in the continental United States has increased 14 percent.  Studies done at Oak Ridge National Lab on forest trees have shown that increasing the carbon dioxide level 50 percent, to the 550 parts per million projected to prevail at the end of the 21 century, will likely increase photosynthetic productivity by a further 24 percent.  This is readily reproducible laboratory science.  If CO2 levels are increased, the rate of plant growth will accelerate.”

He goes on: “Now let us consider the question of warming:  If it is occurring – I believe it is, based not on disputable temperature measurements but on sea levels, which have risen two inches in two decades – is it a good thing or a bad thing?  Answer:  It is a very good thing.  Global warming would increase the rate of evaporation from the oceans.  This would increase rainfall worldwide.  In addition, global warming would lengthen the growing season, thereby increasing still further the bounty of both agriculture and nature.”

This, among other issues, makes the whole argument that global warming and rising CO2 levels a mute issue that is not worth any time or attention.  There is nothing to fear from a naturally warming earth.  Zubrin points out that a thousand years ago temperatures were significantly warmer than they are today (something the hockey stick conveniently leaves out), and that the warmer temperatures “contributed materially to the significant growth of population and prosperity in Europe during the Middle Ages.”

So my question is, why are there so many people who are so willfully ignorant about this issue and other issues that actually do pose a threat to mankind?

Last week we awoke once again to hear about another terror attack in England, this one in particular on the London Bridge where Muslim terrorists drove a van across the sidewalk, mowing down as many people as they could, then slashing the throats of some of the victims.

And it’s not just London; it’s all of Europe that is experiencing terror attacks.  They opened their doors to Muslims several decades ago and did not demand assimilation or moderation from those who immigrated to their countries.  The result will be that those countries will eventually become Muslim countries ruled under Sharia law.

Everywhere Islam goes, so does violence.  It has been that way for over a thousand years since Islam began, yet European governments still open their arms wide and call it a religion of peace that has been hijacked by radicals (and so does our government).

But if you really study Islam and the Koran, you will find that it is anything but peaceful.  In reality it is an ideology that seeks conquest of the world and domination.  Not all Muslims believe that, and certainly not all of them act upon it, but the numbers of Muslims that do are significant and growing.

Europe is paying the price for being willfully ignorant about Islam, and since we have spent the last eight years doing the same things that Europe has, we will pay the price as well.

I not only support President Trump’s pullout from the Paris Climate Agreement; but I also applaud his efforts to limit Muslim immigration into this country.  Americans must stop fearing bad science and deal with the realities of Islam.  There is no freedom under Islam, and that is where willful ignorance will lead us.