Editorial: Trump’s administrative selections

Conservatives are having mixed emotions about President-elect Donald Trump and his selection for his cabinet and other key positions.

Some of the picks are not so conservative. Some are fiscal conservatives but not social conservatives.

Here’s one thing we know for sure – Trump’s administration will be so much better than whoever Mrs. Clinton and the Democrats would have picked.

America has suffered for eight years with a Justice Department that acted on purely political motives, even so far as twisting FBI investigations.

America’s military leadership has been gutted as liberal pacifists have successfully gotten rid of key generals.

The Supreme Court and the federal judiciary have taken a turn to the left and toward judicial activism under Obama’s choices. The IRS has targeted conservative groups for persecution for political pay back.

The Environmental Protection Agency has stifled energy production and placed undue burden on American business growth. Our roads and bridges have deteriorated with no plan for repair.

Obama opened our southern borders and allows sanctuary cities to defy federal laws. Obama has not enforced federal laws against marijuana possession but has tried to force Christian groups to provide free abortions through birth control.

Race relations are the worst they have been in more than 60 years. Job creation is dead and over taxation is forcing American manufacturers to go overseas.

Healthcare costs are skyrocketing as health insurance premiums are soaring while deductibles are out of reach of a growing number of Americans.

Trump would have to work pretty hard to get appointees to screw up the nation as bad as Obama has in the last eight years.

Let’s see what his selections can accomplish.