Editorial: Trump’s early executive orders

President Donald Trump has been busy – and effective – in his first month in office.

Democrats and the pals in the liberal media are livid that Trump has set a new record with executive orders so early in his first term. Here is what they are not explaining.

Ex-president Obama had radical policies that he knew wouldn’t be approved by Congress. That was true even when the Democrats controlled the House and Senate early in his first term.  Obama blatantly issued orders to not enforce federal laws on topics including illegal immigration, marijuana possession and others. He was able to do this with the help of the most politicized U.S. Justice Department in history.

Obama even bragged that he circumvented Congress.

Most of the executive orders by Trump early were undoing Obama’s executive orders that were opposite of existing federal laws. In other words, Trump essentially erased Obama’s roadblocks to the enforcement of laws already on the books.

Our republic has three branches – executive (the president), legislative (House and Senate) and judicial. Trump, to his credit, has already signaled that he will work with Congress to make sure that his policies have their backing before actions are taken. This is one of the reasons he chose Mike Pence as vice president. Trump is a pragmatist and he is more than willing to work with Democrats in Congress for common causes. Obama declined to do so. It was his way or the highway.

Trump will be helped by having Republicans in control of the House and Senate. Trump is a businessman who gets things done. Undoing the mess that Obama left him was his first order of business and that is great for the nation.