TU helmet in College Football HOF

A University of Tulsa throwback football helmet that was worn in the 2011 season will be displayed as part of a new exhibit at The College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-fil-A Fan Experience in Atlanta, Georgia.

“The Alternate Helmet — Modern Styles” in the Specialty Exhibit Delivered by UPS, which opened to the public in May, features a selection of more than 50 alternate or throwback helmets from a number of college football programs.

The Tulsa helmet on display is patterned after a 1940s helmet that had a black ‘T’ on the front of a white helmet. The throwback ‘T’ helmet on display at The College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-fil-A Fan Experience was worn on November 12, 2011 as the Tulsa Golden Hurricane defeated Marshall, 59-17, at home. For that game Tulsa also wore throwback red jerseys that went back to the 1950s. The ‘T’ helmet was worn for just that one game in 2011.

“The alternative helmet is the latest step in the long evolution of the football helmet that began when Navy’s Joe Reeves first wore one in 1893,” said Kent Stephens, historian and curator of the College Football Hall of Fame. “Today, the helmet is the most distinct part of the uniform.  While some schools have taken the opportunity to make a fashion statement with their headgear, others have chosen to maintain a more conservative approach, and that has become a tradition in its own right.”

For more information about the exhibit, visit www.cfbhall.com.