TU tops WalletHub college ranking

In study looking at almost a thousand colleges and universities, The University of Tulsa got the highest ranking among public and private schools in Oklahoma. In the WalletHub report, 2018’s Best College and University Rankings, Tulsa had the highest ranking among universities at No. 78.

Here are the state university rankings:

No. 78 – University of Tulsa

No. 222 – University of Oklahoma

No. 296 – University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

No. 305 – Oklahoma Christian University

No. 308 – Oklahoma Baptist University

No. 370 – Oklahoma State University

No. 421 – Oklahoma City University

No. 463 – East Central University

The report showed that despite reported budget cuts, public colleges and universities can outperform private schools in terms of career outcomes for graduates.

The study looked at 26 factors, including cost, financing, career outcomes, student-to-faculty ratios, graduation rates, post-attendance median salaries and more.

The report also showed that the top 25 universities in the national hold 52 percent of the endowment funding. That has prompted calls for the government to tax those endowment funds.

“It has taken decades, and in some cases, hundreds of years of persistent efforts for the top universities to build up their endowment,” said Kenneth K. Wong, a professor at Brown University. “Instead of having the government tax these hard-earned endowments, federal and state governments may consider targeted, extra tax incentives to enable other universities to build up their own endowments.

“In some universities, tax incentives may enable them to raise additional endowments to construct a new science complex or a series of biotech laboratories. Others may enhance their performing arts initiatives with the new endowments.”

Is going to an expensive, elitist university worth the expense?

“It is not the case that a student would necessarily receive a better education at an Ivy League school,” said Professor Jonathan J. Sanford of The University of Dallas. “In fact, I am confident that many liberal arts universities, particularly those with a rigorous and integrated core curriculum — like one finds at the University of Dallas — provide a better undergraduate education. The University of Dallas, for instance, provides the education that used to be present at the Ivy League schools, which established their reputations — and that education is made available to every student. But there are, of course, excellent professors at Ivy League schools, and an individual student under the guidance of an effective advisor can have an outstanding education. Moreover, the benefits of reputation are hard to evaluate, and there is no question that an Ivy League degree opens doors.”