Editorial: Tulsa Beacon endorsements for November 8th


Don’t vote for Hillary Clinton or Gary Johnson. That would be a disaster for America. Mrs. Clinton would simply be a third term for Barack Hussein Obama, who has been a worse president than Jimmy Carter. Donald Trump is not a true blue conservative but he is the pick of the litter in a slate of bad candidates. With Trump, conservatives have a chance to put conservative justices on the U.S. Supreme Court.

U.S. Senator

Sen. James Lankford is a better choice than his Democrat, Libertarian or Independent opponents.

Oklahoma Senate

District 25 – Republican Joe Newhouse

Newhouse is a genuine conservative and good Christian. He is a decorated military veteran and the absolute best choice.

District 33 – Republican Nathan Dahm

Sen. Dahm is perhaps the most conservative legislator in the state. He studies every bill intensely and is a self-taught authority on the state and federal constitutions. Oklahoma needs Nathan Dahm.

District 35 – Republican Gary Stanislawski

Sen. Stanislawski has been the most conservative senator from the City of Tulsa.

District 37 – Republican Dan Newberry

Sen. Newberry is a pro-life senator.

District 39 – Republican Dave Rader

The former Tulsa University football coach, Rader is a true blue conservative. He is a man of his word and has deep convictions

Oklahoma House

District 12 – Republican Kevin McDugle

McDugle, a businessman, has impeccable conservative credentials. He is needed in the House during tough economic times.

District 23 – Republican Terry O’Donnell

District 29 – Republican Kyle Hilbert versus Democrat Macy Gleason (no recommendation)

District 36 – Republican Sean Roberts versus Democrat Cathy Ross (no recommendation)

District 66 – Democrat Dianna Phillips versus Republican Jadine Nollan (no recommendation)

District 67 – Republican Scott McEachin

McEachin is a staunch conservative and expect on the Constitution. He is a man of his word and is the best choice for this open seat in South Tulsa.

District 69 – Republican Chuck Strohm

Rep. Strohm is a conservative Christian who gets things done. He has translated his business experience into common sense legislation.

District 70 – Democrat Joe Jennings versus Republican

Carol Bush (no recommendation)

District 71 – Democrat Millie Hardesty versus Republican Katie Henke (no recommendation)

District 74 – Republican Dale Derby

District 75 – Republican Dan Kirby

District 76 – Republican David Brumbaugh

Brumbaugh, a true citizen/legislator, is the chairman of the Republican Caucus in the House. He was a champion of the strongest anti-abortion bill in state history. His leadership is sorely needed in the House.

District 78 – Republican Molly McKay

McKay is an expert in many fields and her experience will be invaluable in the House. This is an open seat that needs a conservative like McKay.

District 79 – Republican Weldon Watson versus Independent Teresa Marlar (no recommendation)

District 80 – Republican Mike Ritze

Rep. Mike Ritze, a physician, is an expert in a broad range of areas, including health care, veterans’ issues and others. Ritze is a strong supporter of religious liberty and a voice of reason in the House.

Tulsa County

Tulsa County Commissioner District 2 – Republican Josh Turley

Tulsa County Sheriff – Republican Vic Regalado

Tulsa County Court Clerk – Republican Donald Newberry

Judicial Retention

Oklahoma Supreme Court

Vote no – James Winchester

Vote no – Douglas Combs

Court of Criminal Appeals

Vote no – Carlene Clancy Smith

Vote no Rob Hudson

Court of Civil Appeals

Vote no – Larry Joplin

Vote no – John Fischer

Vote no – Thomas Thornbrugh

Tulsa City Council

District 1 – Vanessa Hall-Harper versus Jack Henderson (no recommendation)

District 2 – Jeannie Cue

District 9 – Eric McCray

McCray, an ORU grad with an MBA, runs his own successful heat-and-air business. He wants to bring fiscal responsibility and to pay down Tulsa’s enormous debt. If elected, he would be the only conservative councilor in the city. Tulsa really needs his voice. Please vote for him.

State Questions

State Question 776 – Vote yes

This measure adds a new section to the Oklahoma Constitution that deals with the death penalty.

State Question 777 – Vote yes

This is the Right to Farm Bill. It has the support of every important agricultural group in the state. Former Attorney General Drew Edmondson, liberal Tulsa City Councilor Anna America, former Oklahoma football Coach Barry Switzer and the Sierra Club, among others, oppose it. It would protect Oklahoma from problems that are popping up in other states.

State Question 779 – Vote no

This raises a one-cent state sales tax – a 22 percent increase. Our taxes are already too high. More money won’t solve the problems in public education. This tax hurts poor people and will drive shoppers out of the state. Teachers need a raise but this is not the proper funding vehicle.

State Question 780 – Vote no

This measure amends existing Oklahoma laws and would change the classification of certain drug possession and property crimes from felony to misdemeanor. This would give us the most liberal possession laws in America and would put a financial strain on county jails.

State Question 781 – Vote no

This measure creates the County Community Safety Investment Fund, only if voters approve State Question 780.

State Question 790 – Vote yes

This measure would remove Article 2, Section 5 of the Oklahoma Constitution, which prohibits the government from using public money or property for the direct or indirect benefit of any religion or religious institution. This would allow the Ten Commandments Monument to be returned to State Capitol grounds.

State Question 792 – Vote no

This repeals Article 28 of the Oklahoma Constitution and liberalizes the laws governing alcoholic beverages. This would let convenience stores like QuikTrip and supermarkets like Reasors sell refrigerated beer and wine with higher alcohol content. It would promote the proliferation of liquor and aggravate social problems, including public drunkenness, underage drinking, alcoholism and drunk driving.